The Curse Breaker Saga


Off-balance from an event he can’t remember, Sarn gets into trouble and is assigned to help a tinker carrying dangerous cargo. Old myths unleash new terror when Sarn encounters the spirit glass.

Release Date: 2017

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Book 0


vertical-curse-breaker-greenv21at300dpi-v1-hunted4The Rangers took on a dangerous foe and earned the enmity of a vengeful warrior determined to nab a mage. Not just any magicker will do. He wants Sarn. With nothing left to lose, he follows the Rangers into the mountains on their quarterly visit to the higher elevation campgrounds.

Sarn is on the outs, again. Bowing to pressure from Ran’s mother, he took a local gang boss up on his offer. Fight in his ‘games’ and win protection for him and the orphans he protects. When he shows up for work banged up and sporting dual black eyes, his troubles have just begun…

Release Date: 2017
Book 0.5


All Sarn wanted was to go to earn back the trust he lost. Instead, he gets tangled up in a dangerous game that might cost him everything because Jerlo’s tampering has left him vulnerable to manipulation of the most nefarious kind.

Khalex returns with a new plan. This time, the Rangers’ mage won’t escape alive. Magic is a coin, one Khalex intends to flip by corrupting Sarn’s magic. But he’s not the only one hunting a mage and her fangs are sharp and hungry for blood.

Release date: 2017
Book 0.75


Secrets threaten, but magic kills. All Sarn wanted was to get work on time, do his job and go home to his secret son. Instead, he’s kidnapped by an enchanted tree and embroiled in a mystery so bizarre, it causes him to question everything he’s ever believed in. Epic fantasy meets murder mystery in this heart-warming tale.

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Release date: September 27, 2016
Book 1

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Odd things happen around Mount Eredren. Those occurrences are building up to something and Sarn wants nothing to do with it until he’s secured his son’s safety. But he can’t escape what’s coming. The Seekers have a deadly plan to strip the enchanted forest of its magic, but their device sparks an ancient device whose operation threatens to tear Shayari apart.

Release date: 2017
Book 2


Shade returns determined to earn redemption for betraying and almost getting Sarn killed. That mistake cast a long shadow menacing Sarn even now. In every dark corner lurks the eye of a mysterious adversary and its fixed on Sarn. To protect Sarn, Shade undertakes a mission through the Ever Lands chasing a hope, a prayer and way to blind the Adversary, forever safeguarding Shade’s only love.

Release date: 2018
Book 2.5



Sarn and his family take in a joust, but the event takes a deadly turn when extinct creatures show up. Who will survive the predator’s game?

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Sarn’s luck has finally run out. The silence hiding his son for the last four years now dooms him when an old enemy shows up to even the score. Sarn’s two lives collide, and his son hangs in the balance.

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When Sarn turns twenty-one, his magic expands, driving him temporarily insane as he loses all control. For twenty-four hours straight, he’s a shambling nightmare. Long has an army slept within Mount Eredren’s bowel until Sarn woke it up. Who will be left standing when the dust settles?

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Sarn grapples with the fallout from his loss of control. In the enchanted forest, a new threat is stirring, and its sights are set on Mount Eredren. Only Sarn can foil the kidnapper’s plans.

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Behind every evasion is a dangerous truth. After one act of bravery singles out Sarn, he’s revealed to the noble set. Truths Jerlo and Nolo have hidden from him are suddenly exposed, and they shake the foundations of Sarn’s world. His newfound visibility imperils him in ways he can’t even fathom.

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Still reeling from the fallout of recent revelations, Sarn finds himself tangled in new troubles from old enemies.

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Following a vicious attack, Sarn is almost killed. Thanks to the devotion of his friends, he survives and wakes to total amnesia. And it’s the moment his brother has been waiting six years for. He spirits his amnesiac brother away from the Rangers and the healer’s care endangering Sarn’s life. It’s up to Ran and Bear to put things right before it’s too late.

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