The Curse Breaker Saga


Secrets threaten, but magic kills. All Sarn wanted was to get work on time, do his job and go home to his secret son. Instead, he’s kidnapped by an enchanted tree and embroiled in a mystery so bizarre, it causes him to question everything he’s ever believed in. Epic fantasy meets murder mystery in this heart-warming tale.

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Release date: September 27, 2016
Book 1

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She’s field testing a magic-nullifying stone. He’s a mage spying on on the men responsible for his best friend’s demise. Magical mayhem is just the beginning when ancient spells unravel triggering a cataclysm.

Who will survive the backlash?

Release date: 2017
Book 2




He hid their memories, but the backlash of a major gate opening broke through the block. She’s carrying around a prison full of tortured souls in her satchel. The extent of his mental tinkering causes the only person who can save them to question his sanity, and a vengeful warrior to unleash an ancient evil.

Find out what happens when the spirit glass cracks.

Release date: 2017/2018
Book 3