The Curse Breaker Series

The Curse Breaker series are high-stakes slice-of-life fantasy adventures, featuring a loving father and his curious son. Join their quest to survive and thrive in a world that hates and fears magic.

A reluctant hero must unravel a deadly mystery while fighting to control his magic. If he fails, he’ll lose his family and his life. How will he prevail in a world that hates and fears magic?

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Narrated by Melinda Kucsera (Part 1 only):

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A ghost can’t die again, but Fate isn’t kind to the women who thwart it. Sovvan might cease to exist if she saves her twin. But if she doesn’t, she’ll lose him forever. Can she survive that?

Jerlo swore to protect Sarn, no matter the cost. But that might be impossible when a demon comes for the one man Sarn can’t disobey. How can a man without magic save a mage?

Sarn spies on the men who got his friend killed until his bored son drags him away. After they, those men found a magical artifact and released a powerful monster, and it’s spitting mad. How will Sarn and his son survive its wrath?

Doubts assail Sarn while he fights a legendary evil. If he becomes the hero his world needs, would he still be the father his son needs?

Two conflicting promises bind Sarn. He must satisfy them both while hiding from a powerful monster or die trying. With the mountain falling down around them, how can Sarn prevail without magic?

Sovvan wants to save her brother, but bizarre creatures keep kidnapping her. How will she escape them in time to help Sarn without magic?

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How will Sarn defeat the monster destroying his home, stop the magic-eating rocks from killing everyone? By getting his magic. Unfortunately, he has no idea how to do that either, but he must figure that out fast if he wants to survive.

Sovvan faces an impossible choice. Will she save her brother or herself?

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The seals are breaking. When the last one falls, Armageddon begins. Can Sovvan stop it in time?

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Sarn won back his magic, but it no longer trusts him. How can he free his sister from a demon when his magic won’t come when he calls?

For all his life, his son was a secret Sarn kept from everyone. Can all his magic stop the truth from coming out when the secret wants to be told?

Once Indentured, a man can claim nothing as his own, not even his son. With his home gone, there’s nowhere left to hide. The truth is out, and it could destroy Sarn and his family.

A strange present arrives for Ran, and he soon finds himself in deep trouble in this heartwarming story. But this time, it’s not their lives at stake. It’s their home. Will Sarn and his family find a new home and a new beginning?

Shards For His Gift is a cozy fantasy story of magic and one family’s struggle to stay together. In a world that hates and fears magic, how can one mage win custody of his son and survive?

Sarn faces monsters when War, the second rider of the apocalypse, interrupts a joust. But that’s far from his only problem when Jerlo finds out about his son.