The Curse Breaker Series

CurseBreakerEnchanged-TheMoreEpicVersion-font-ebookIn a country where magic is illegal, an untrained mage is their only hope. 

Start No Fires. Carry No Weapons. Do No Harm. Those three rules safeguarded countless travelers through the enchanted forest—until they didn’t. One boy’s murder ripped open a gateway allowing evil to enter. Now no one is safe from corruption.

When Sarn’s masters demand he abandon the quest, he faces an impossible choice—doom the ghost whose murder endangers them all or die from the backlash of breaking his word. With the odds stacked against him, can Sarn fix anything or will all be lost?

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In a land where magic is their only hope, can a man of faith triumph?

A body and a book are unaccounted for. Both belonged to a vanquished demon, but neither were found when the dust cleared. The question of what happened to them prods Jerlo to seek out the one person he swore he’d never speak to—a man everyone thinks is long dead. Jerlo’s relentless quest leads to the oubliette and a psycho’s cell where shadows of his past take him captive. Can Jerlo outwit the dark force rising in his home without magic or will he too fall under its sway?

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In a subterranean world where light is everything, can an untrained mage and his son stop the encroaching darkness?

She’s testing a magic-nullifying stone. He’s an untrained mage spying on the men responsible for his best friend’s demise. And those men might be supplying her with magic-stealing rocks. Is Sarn chasing the right bad guys? Or has grief blinded him to a woman whose quest threatens everything he holds dear?

Find out what happens when the lights go out and a dark power threatens the Queen of All Trees in Curse Breaker: Faceted.

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Coming October/November 2017