His Angelic Keeper

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When a demon threatens her still-living twin, Sovvan is determined to help him until the guardians of Gray Between life and death take her memories. 

Sovvan can’t save her brother if she can’t remember he exists. But the bond between them is strong, and it prods her to get her memories back. Things only worsen when Sovvan uncovers a dangerous secret an angel killed to protect instead of the memories she lost, and that secret is changing her. 

A ghost can’t die again. But Sovvan’s not a just ghost anymore. She might cease to exist if she doesn’t unravel the dark conspiracy that took her life and end it once and for all. 

But she’d better hurry. Her magical twin is fighting for his life against a powerful demon bent on taking his soul, and he could use some help.

His Angelic Keeper is the first book in a humorous, action-packed sword-and-sorcery series starring Sovvan from the Curse Breaker series. 

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His Angelic Keeper comes in paperback, too.

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