His Angelic Keeper

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They took her memories. She’s taking them back.

One Demon,

Two Dragons,

Five Angels &

a pack of memory-eating pachyderms stand between the ghost of one young woman and her past.

There’s a dangerous secret buried in her lost memories that endangers her still-living twin. To save him, she must unravel the supernatural conspiracy that killed her and risk permanent annihilation in the process.

There’s a balance that must be kept. Breaking it will destroy the world, and her quest threatens to do just that. For everything, there’s a price. To save her brother, she must destroy the world and herself unless she can find a loophole.

His Angelic Keeper is the first book in a humorous, action-packed sword-and-sorcery series starring Sovvan from the Curse Breaker series. With no allies to help her, this plucky ghost must brazen her way through the Lands of Ever and travel from the formless, memory-eating gray of limbo to the gates of heaven itself.

Fans of Nicholas Eames, Julliet Marillier, Michael J. Sullivan, Mercedes Lackey, Margaret Weis, and Tracy Hickman will enjoy Sovvan’s fantastic adventure. Get His Angelic Keeper today!

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