His Angelic Keeper: Hidden


Sovvan just wants to save her brother. First, she must save herself. But that won’t be easy if a certain warrior angel won’t unbind her wings.

Wounded, the now ground-bound Sovvan must find a way to defeat a demon before he transforms into something worse, shut the portal he’s trying to open, and somehow heal the damage he caused to the repository of all memory before it’s destroyed and with it, her only chance of recovering the last fourteen years of her strange existence.   

But Sovvan must do all of that in time to save her twin brother. When she last saw him, he was battling demon for his life and soul, and they’re both running of out of time. 

Another evil entity is rising, and he’s fixed his sights on Sovvan’s brother, and his son, and Sovvan’s determined to save them both. The universe had better get out of her way. If it doesn’t, she might tear the very fabric of reality itself to save her family and plunge the world into eternal darkness.