His Angelic Keeper: Hidden

Coming this Winter:


Hello again, readers!

I hope you enjoyed His Angelic Keeper, the first book in a brand new series starring me, Sovvan, the sister of Sarn, the aunt of the most adorable sidekick ever–you get the point. My adventure continues this winter in His Angelic Keeper: Hidden because my tale was too big to fit in the boxed set, Angels & Magic, for which my solo adventure was commissioned.

(They had this pesky word-limit thing, but my fast-paced adventure blew right past it. I left it in the digital dust 15,000 words behind me because certain angels kept dragging me off for tête-à-têtes instead of letting me get on with my primary mission. The nerve of them, right?)

But you don’t have to wait, I also appear in:

Curse Breaker: Enchanted, (which tells my brother’s tale and as a special bonus, you get to meet my nephew), Curse Breaker: Falls, (I’ve got my halo in sword in there but there’s no mention of the trials and tribulations I went through to get both), and the forthcoming Curse Breaker: Sundered.

Get all four of the books starring my brother and nephew that launched my angelic career in one convenient boxed set.

Then get ready to find out how I earned my halo and sword, and what exactly I wrought when I tossed that Agent of Chaos into the spell my personal demon was casting. Yeah, that wasn’t one of my better ideas.

Find out what happens in His Angelic Keeper: Hidden, book two of a brand-new series starring me this winter. I earned it.

—Sovvan, sister of Sarn and guardian angel-in-training (I think)

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