Catch the Scribe


Catch the Scribe before she falls.

When grief threatens to overwhelm a lonely scribe, the fate of her fictional world hangs in the balance. If she doesn’t finish the book and get it into the hands of readers, all her characters will disappear forever.

And, her deceased sister’s last request will go unfilled. That’s one promise this scribe doesn’t want to break.

But there are shadowy forces who don’t want her story told, and they’ll use any means to stop her. She’ll need help from a fictional child and his father, the heroes of her unfinished book, to get her story back on track. But first, they need to escape their fictional world and enter the real one.

Curse Breaker’s Companion a novelization of Melinda’s weekly, genre-bending newsletter adventures. Each episode is lovingly expanded and adapted by reader request.

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