Curse Breaker: Hidden

You can’t hide what’s burning inside.

In the sixth book of the Curse Breaker series, Sarn faces his toughest challenge yet—a tentacular creature sitting on a cache of magic-eating rocks. To destroy it, Sarn needs to regain the rest of his magic, and he’ll need his sister for that.

Unlocking that power won’t be easy since an evil entity holds the key. But Sarn will do anything to get his magic back, so he can save his son—even team up with the most unlikely allies. 

Just getting near that monster could kill him. If he doesn’t it, that creature will create a dystopian world without magic to raise a new breed of monsters. And his son won’t survive in such a world.

Even if Sarn gets his magic back and defeats the monster, there’s still that cache of magic-eating rocks to deal with. He must stop them from taking everyone’s light and plunging them all into death and darkness.

But all his efforts might be for naught if the Queen of All Trees is destroyed by a cataclysm spawned by another magic-eating rock and a priestess who wants to strip all the enchantments from the forest that protects her country.

When magic and myths collide, who will be left standing?

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