The Curse Breaker Series books in order: Curse Breaker Enchanted, Curse Breaker Darkens, Curse Breaker Faceted, Curse Breaker Falls, Curse Breaker: Books 1-4, Curse Breaker Sundered, and Curse Breaker Hidden. Seven books to rule them all until the eighth one comes out.

Curse Breaker Hidden

One mage will decide the fate of all. But he lost half his magic…

Curse Breaker Hidden

To defeat the ancient monster destroying his home, Sarn must regain the rest of his magic. But unlocking that power won’t be easy with a concussion and an evil entity on the prowl. The Devil wants his soul, and he’ll cheat to get it.

Even if Sarn beats the devil and gets his earth magic back, the rocks in the monster’s lair could kill him and his son unless he stops them from stealing their life force. He’s never needed allies this badly or a healer.

But his friends are fighting their own battles. Help might not arrive in time to make a difference. All their efforts won’t matter if a priestess destroys their queen and the enchanted forest that protects their home.

A country can’t stand without its queen. How will it survive if its last mage falls? Find out in Curse Breaker Hidden.

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Curse Breaker Hidden is an epic fantasy adventure, starring a loving father, his young son, and the people and magical creatures they’ve befriended. The book’s set in an immersive world of danger, intrigue, and dragons. Order Curse Breaker Hidden now.

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Reading Order

Curse Breaker Hidden is preceded by:

Curse Breaker Sundered

His Angelic Keeper Hidden

Curse Breaker Hidden is followed by:

His Angelic Keeper Fallen

Spell of Shadow & Light

Curse Breaker Trapped

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