Relic Hunter

Coming Soon

RHebookfThey were hunting relics, but they found so much more than they bargained for. And lost more than they could ever regain…

Under the enchanted forest’s tangled canopy, a mage-gifted boy unearthed a strange stone.

Meanwhile, above, two knights heading back to their order’s chapterhouse are forced to stop when their relic-finder goes berserk. Something old and magical lies beneath the forest and its Zoya and Yan’s job to find and contain it.

But that’s easier said than done when that relic is in the hands of a young mage who possesses a power he can barely control. All Sarn wants is to escape with the only family he has left–the brother he’s been raising since the death of their mother. If Sarn’s not careful, he could collapse the mine and kill them all with a stray thought or accidentally activate a relic of unknown power and purpose.

But his problems are only just beginning. A dangerous woman with a complicated past is planning to kidnap him from his current owner, and she doesn’t care who she kills in the process. But there are two knights pursuing her and Sarn, and they’re legally-bound to kill any mage they encounter–even the one who can stop a relic from opening a portal to a hell realm.

With no way out and the mines collapsing around them, who will prevail–the relic hunters or the relic they came to contain?

Find out in Relic Hunters,* the first book of the Divergent Heroes series coming soon to a bookstore near you. Get an advanced look at it by signing up to our newsletter.

*Relic Hunters is the expanded version of a novella entitled Divergent Heroes: Errant Knights, which was part of an anthology called A Different Kind of Hero. Relic Hunters contains a lot more action, mayhem, and magic than the original.

— Cover created by Daniĕl Priègo.