Curse Breaker Trapped

While Sarn relights all the lumir crystals under the mountain, his son sets out on what’s supposed to be a small adventure with a baby dragon and a mind-talking OwlCat kit. What could possibly go wrong? They have magic and Furball’s telepathic family is just a mind call away.

Their mission to find out what Sarn does all night when he’s not home goes horribly awry when Ran runs afoul of his father’s enemies. Sarn faces his worst nightmare when his son’s kidnapped by a former Foundling who wants him dead and held in a deadly maze. One wrong move could doom his son and topple years of silence and hiding if Sarn can’t lose the Rangers who’re trying to help him.

He might save his son from death only to lose custody of him. Once Indentured, a man can claim nothing as his own, not even his son.

Curse Breaker Trapped is the first book in the Revelation Arc. All secrets will be revealed. All lies will be exposed. The truth will out, and it will drag everyone into the light. No one will be spared. Who will survive the reckoning and who will fall into the darkness?

Find out in Curse Breaker Trapped.

Curse Breaker Trapped is the sequel to Curse Breaker Hidden.