Spell of Shadow & Light

A Curse Breaker Prequel Novel

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Magic is illegal under the mountain, but one warlock-turned-prison guard is no big deal until a baby OwlCat shows up. That kit is his best friend’s grandson. Before Nulthir can take the little fella to safety, he’s attacked by a stranger with a mysterious object that infects him with dark magic and kicks off a dangerous transformation. 

Nulthir thought he’d escaped the darkness that nearly destroyed his family, but he was wrong. That evil is now turning him into a monster, while he struggles to protect his friend’s grandson. But the attack was just the opening move in a deadly game designed to trap a powerful young mage. Through that kid, the summoners can create an army of monsters. 

Nulthir and his mind-talking OwlCats are in for the fight of their lives, even if they get to the mage first. If they fail, they’ll be fodder for the next wave of monsters. Find how they stop the monsters who threaten their world. Get Spell of Shadow & Light now!

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Spell of Shadow & Light is a prequel to the Curse Breaker series. It contains all three previously published stories, Spell of Wings & Glass, Spell of Bone & Ash, and Spell of Scales & Steel, which were published in the Magic Underground Anthologies plus an all-new novella, Spell of Shadow & Light, with an extended epilogue. 

This book can be read as a stand-alone novel. No prior knowledge is needed. Spell of Shadow & Light takes place before Curse Breaker Enchanted, but it mentions events and characters who appear for the first time in Curse Breaker Hidden, so it’s best read after that book if you intend to read the series in order. Otherwise, you’ll know more than some characters. Get the epic tale now and let the OwlCats take you on an adventure like no other.