Curse Breaker: Darkens

Jerlo wants to finish his paperwork, not search for a man who should be dead in a prison that’s nearly impossible to reach. When a disembodied voice warns him that a demon is after his indentured mage, Jerlo sets off without a second thought.  

He swore an unbreakable oath to God to protect Sarn, no matter the cost. Even if he hadn’t, he’d still go on this quest. No one except God should have access to the power inside the Kid. But one man does, and he’s locked in the oubliette for demon summoning. 

In a country run by a group that wants to destroy all magic, mages and demons shouldn’t exist. Neither should the rock monster that’s pushing Jerlo deeper into a trap. But this demon plans to do more than exist, and it’ll need more than monsters to succeed.

Now, Jerlo’s in a fight, not just for his life but for his soul. With just an unshakeable faith in the God who sometimes talks to him, will he lose everything in a deadly contest of wills? 

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Curse Breaker: Darkens is an epic Christian fantasy adventure starring a quirky guy who talks to God.

***Curse Breaker: Darkens can be read as a stand-alone book or as part of the Curse Breaker Series. Shh, don’t tell the characters I told you that. We’ll just keep that a secret, okay?***

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