Robin of Larkspur: Books 1-3

When her daughter disappears without a trace, Robin embarks on a perilous quest to find her that tests her courage and determination in Robin of Larkspur Books 1-3. Join Robin on three thrilling adventures and risk it all to find her daughter.

In Hunter’s Night, Robin treks through a treacherous winter wonderland filled with wolves, shapeshifters, and sentient trees to seek help from the Rangers of Mount Eredren. En route, she discovers a strange power that might help her if she could figure out how to keep it from imprisoning her.

In Rogue Night, Robin discovers the Rangers have a deadly secret they will kill to protect. Robin must face a powerful golem and win the help of the mage bound to it. But the new magic she found complicates things, and that help may cost more than she can pay.

In Rogue Ranger, Robin treks back into the enchanted forest with a powerful mage and his enigmatic companion as her guide and trackers. But one of her allies is not who they seem. Encounters with shapeshifters, fallen gods, overzealous guardians, and strange magic spells threaten to turn the trio against each other. Will their alliance last long enough for Robin to find her daughter?

Don’t miss out on this must-read for fans of women-led epic fantasy and sword & sorcery stories. Get Robin of Larkspur: Books 1-3 today and discover the true meaning of motherhood and heroism.

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