Captured by That Damned Dragon

Hi Readers, I hope you are well and as safe as you can be during this uncertain time. We’re okay here in New York despite mounting numbers of infections. Our fantasy world is virus-free if you’re looking for vacation spots. All you have to do is crack open one of our books, and you’ll be instantly transported. (Amazon is still offering 2 months of Kindle Unlimited for free if you sign up for a membership. This offer is good for residents of the US and UK only, unfortunately.) Available in Kindle Unlimited! Enchanted, His Angelic Keeper, Darkens, Faceted, Falls, Sundered, Relic Hunter, Hunter’s Night, Rogue Night. Read them now! Curse Breaker: Enchanted … Continue reading Captured by That Damned Dragon

Interview with the Dragon

Hi Readers, We, the fictional characters who star in Melinda Kucsera’s books, hope you’re taking precautions to stay as safe as you can during this public health crisis. If you’re wondering how we’re coping, well, as you can imagine, some characters are handling this better than others. But we are all keeping our distance. It’s hardest on me, your host, Ran, the talkative, and I hope, likable, son of my very magical Papa, Sarn. I like people; I like hugs. I prefer to be carried when Papa and I are on adventures, but I have to keep at least six … Continue reading Interview with the Dragon

Working From Home – Day 1

Working from home day 1 — I survived. It was so hard. With two exceptions, everyone was like, “oh no, let’s not have a call to TALK about this. Let’s just chat in MS Teams.” So, I basically wrote a novel in MS Teams chat and Upwork messages today…not to mention the updates I added to the project system. If only these words were for a novel… lol Well, onward, back to either His Angelic Keeper: Hidden or A Spell of Cloaks & Crystals or Curse Breaker: Hidden. Or maybe I’ll live dangerously and write something on all three!I’m trying … Continue reading Working From Home – Day 1

Need an Awesome Read?

So happy to have had the chance to work with Leah Van Dinther and publish her first story! Get Hidden Magic to read it now! I might have a story in it too.  Get Hidden Magic today, while it’s still 99 cents! It’s also in Kindle Unlimited for now, so if you have a membership, crack it open. Let us take your mind off your woes! Get the anthology reviewers are talking about! Continue reading Need an Awesome Read?

Find the Hidden Magic

Hi Readers, We’ve got a new release called Hidden Magic. Hidden Magic chock full of magical mayhem with 20 stories by 20 fantasy authors. Hidden Magic is the first anthology in a trilogy of fantasy anthologies that follows twenty heroes on the adventure of a lifetime. I’m excited to share their stories with you, especially “Spell of Wings & Glass,” which stars Nulthir before he was the captain of the Guards at Mount Eredren and his creature friend, Thing, from the Curse Breaker series. Here’s a taste of what’s in store for you inside Hidden Magic: Spell of Wings & … Continue reading Find the Hidden Magic

New release alert!

Hey readers, guess what?I’ve got a new release called Hidden Magic.It’s chock full of magical mayhem with 20 stories by 20 fantasy authors. Hidden Magic is the first anthology in a trilogy of fantasy anthologies that follows twenty heroes on the adventure of a lifetime. I’m excited to share their stories with you. I hope to find at least 2 people to pick up a copy of Hidden Magic today to support its release. Thank you ♥️ — Melinda Kucsera Continue reading New release alert!

Come Behind the Scenes

Hi Readers! Welcome back! This is your host, Ran, son of Sarn, from the ever-expanding Curse Breaker series. 🙂 This week, a lot’s happening. Let’s pull back the curtain and head backstage for a look. Follow me! (Just drop down the rabbit hole. Don’t worry. There’s a soft cushion at the other end to catch you. If you miss it, Auntie Sovvan is standing by with catcher’s mitts, so you’re covered either way.) First off, Tuesday, March 10, is our Scribe, Melinda’s, birthday. (Yay!) It’s also the release day for the first multi-author anthology our publishing house, Magical Mayhem Press, … Continue reading Come Behind the Scenes

The Dragon in the Room

Hi Readers, Welcome back! Did you have a great week? You’re not going to believe what we’ve been up to. Okay, maybe you would since you have read our books. Now, you’re wondering what trouble we’ve gotten ourselves into now. Admit it. Well, wonder no more. Yours truly, your host, Ran, Sarn’s adorable son and sidekick did not get into trouble this week. Shocking right? Well, there’s enough mayhem of the magical variety to share around here, and this week, Auntie Sovvan took first place in that. What did she do? Well, first off, she hijacked the plot of Curse … Continue reading The Dragon in the Room

Wayward Magic on the Loose

Hi Readers, We’re back. This week, our Scribe, Melinda, put together the final file for Wayward Magic, the second anthology in the trilogy of fantasy anthologies, collectively called Magic Underground. She just sent that file to the formater! Yay! What’s Wayward Magic about? Well, it contains within its magical pages another story about Thing and his mate, Amal. You guessed it. They’re in trouble again. (No surprise there. His Orneriness excels at getting in trouble.) But this time, not just their friend’s life is at stake but his soul too when dark magic infects him with its evil. Thing and … Continue reading Wayward Magic on the Loose

No Accounting for Characters

Well, another week is almost over.1. I learned how to send author copies from Amazon to other authors. I didn’t know I could do that.2. I wrote scenes for: Curse Breaker: Hidden (Curse Breaker, Book 6) Rogue Rescue (Robin of Larkspur, book 4) Rogue Gift (Robin of Larkspur, book 5) Storm of Spells (Curse Breaker’s Companion, Book 1) Robin is annoyed at me because I didn’t work on book 3, Rogue Ranger. That book has to come out before books 4 & 5, and I get that. But books 4, 5 & 6 of her series tie directly into Curse … Continue reading No Accounting for Characters

It’s Done!

Finished! It didn’t end where I wanted it to. The characters didn’t do what I wanted them to do either. I like where this story went. I’m just annoyed I can’t follow it up with the story I wanted to tell because they didn’t set that one up. No, I have to finish what they started in this one then build the next conflict. 😬 I’m certain they planned it that way just to get a couple more sequels than I’d planned. The nerve of those characters. Get “Spell of Scales & Steel” in the anthology, Forgotten Magic. Go to … Continue reading It’s Done!

Would you give us some stars?

Hi Readers! It’s your friendly fictional character, Ran, Sarn’s son, and I’m back with good news. Melinda is finishing up Spell of Scales & Steel for the Forgotten Magic Anthology today then moving onto Curse Breaker: Hidden! You can’t see it, but I’m holding a list of demands for that book in my hot little hands. Since the next big story arc in the Curse Breaker series is all about me, I stand a good chance of getting all my demands met. 🙂 Papa might not enjoy that experience, but he needs to broaden his horizons. I also have review … Continue reading Would you give us some stars?