Cover Drama in Indie Author Land

Hi Readers, We hope you’re all doing well this week. In the indie author world, there’s been some unfortunate drama which may affect some of your favorite authors. Apparently, one of the more popular cover designers took the promotional images that are on’s site and used them WITHOUT permission to create covers for people. This is a strict no-no. Those promo images were created by brilliant artists to showcase the digital products they sell on Daz3d’s store. They are not allowed to be reused without permission. This designer should have bought the assets herself and created her own works … Continue reading Cover Drama in Indie Author Land

Free Fantasy Reads!

Hi Readers! Grab some free, clean fantasy reads. All books are free 12/14-12/16 except ours which is always free. That’s why our book is on the last row all the way at the end on the right side. 🙂 We’re last, but we’re never least. Don’t forget to come back here for our Holiday Special on Monday! Just don’t tell our scribe we’re planning something special. She’s a little stressed out right now, and that might stress her further since we need to borrow her fingers to write this special tale. 🙂 Uh-oh, I better go. She’s logging in to … Continue reading Free Fantasy Reads!

Get Sundered!

Hi Readers! We hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving if you celebrated it or an awesome week if you didn’t. We’re grateful that you signed up to receive our crazy newsletter and that you carve a little time out of your life each week so we can entertain you. Thank you! We couldn’t do this without you. And now for what you’ve been waiting for. Drumroll please—     “Ah, Papa, you’re supposed to give me a drumroll now. Papa?” Ran swiveled around in the office chair, or the literary throne as he liked to call it. Sitting there made … Continue reading Get Sundered!

Get Sundered Now!

Be careful what you promise. Oaths can kill. Get Sundered now! Magic might be stronger when it’s broken, but the promises Sarn forged with them are even stronger. Two conflicting promises bind Sarn. He must satisfy them both even though a monster’s chasing him and an evil entity keeps trying to take his soul. Serving more than one master is not only damned near impossible without magic, it’s also deadly. But Sarn doesn’t have a choice because his word is his bond, and he gave his word to Death’s Marksman and an otherworldly entity named J.C. who just might be … Continue reading Get Sundered Now!