That Sneak!

Hi all,   Sorry, we’ve been so quiet.   First Love launches on Feb. 28, 2019, and it features the story of how Papa and Shade met. It’s a sweet tale because Papa was a sweet teenager and nothing like his angst-riddled, often adversarial younger brother, my Uncle Miren. 😉   (Don’t tell him I said he was angsty or adversarial.)   As part of the launch, there will be a Facebook party. Unfortunately, that party will be held while our scribe is at work. It’s review work there, and we’re camping out in her office to support her. She’s … Continue reading That Sneak!

Will You Be There?

Hi Readers, I hope you had a happy Valentine’s day. First, I must apologize for jumping into this week’s newsletter. Ran won’t be happy when he realizes that I cut in, so I’ll say my piece then return control of this week’s newsletter to him.  This is not your scribe. I’ll tell you who I am in a moment but first let me tell you why I’m here. I jumped in because I love him, not your charming host but his father, Sarn. I have loved him for years and years, but external forces divided us. Some of that was my fault.  … Continue reading Will You Be There?

Saved By A Hat?

Hi Readers, Last week, I reported on Operation: Get Written, my personal mission for 2019. I’m on a quest for more page time with Papa, of course. Adventures are more fun with him in tow. I also showed you what I could about First Love, an anthology published by Dragon Soul Press, which features Caught in a Glance, episode 1 of Curse Breaker’s Shadow. I wanted to share more about that story because it’s so sweet, but it’ll be published on Kindle Unlimited, so I’m not allowed to give you a sneak peek. 😦 Bummer, right? I thought so too. You know how much … Continue reading Saved By A Hat?

Robin is Coming

New covers!   Our scribe bought this beauty this week for a steal!   This story is actually part of the Curse Breaker series. It stars a young papa, me (as the kidnapped baby), and Robin, a lady archer who’s also missing her daughter.   She and Papa team up to save us kids from the Wild Hunt.   Hunter’s Night will also be the first book in Robin’s breakaway series. Our scribe wanted to do a mother-daughter adventure series and riff on the whole Robin Hood thing.   I mean, we kind of have to do it.   We … Continue reading Robin is Coming

Save us from the Dragon and her Amorous Intentions!

Hi all,   We hope you’re staying warm (if you, like us, are in the northern hemisphere) and cool if you’re down under where it’s summertime now.   We’ve come today to ask for advice. We have a tricky problem, and we don’t know how to solve it.   What’s the problem?   Our Newsletter-Dragon. She keeps escaping from her cyberverse and snuggling up to the boiler that’s heating the apartment building where our scribe lives and where I’m writing to beseech you for aid.   (Thank you to Uncle Miren for supplying the cool word I just used.)   … Continue reading Save us from the Dragon and her Amorous Intentions!

Misbehaving Magic

Hi Readers, We hope you enjoyed the coloring page we sent last week. Our friend Athena was kind enough to point out that I can’t trace myself because I’m three-dimensional. 0_o I’d have to be two-dimensional for the tracing thing to work as planned. Bummer. I wonder why a certain uncle who brought the tracing paper didn’t mention that. And why my beloved Papa let his magic kick those papers around the room. Though, I did enjoy running after them. I am a fictional little kid after all. Our cave isn’t that big, so they couldn’t go far. I cornered … Continue reading Misbehaving Magic

Are you pondering what we’re pondering?

Hi readers!   Sorry we’ve been so quiet this week. Our lovable scribe knows we’re up to something. She’s been extra vigilant and checks in often just to see what we’re doing.   I haven’t figured out how she’s managing that since there aren’t any cameras in her apartment, and there certainly aren’t any in our cave under Mount Eredren.   Papa’s magic would fry them if any did set up shop there. So we’re safe from observation when we’re at home. But we have no access to the internet when we’re under the mountain.   So you see our … Continue reading Are you pondering what we’re pondering?