Merry Christmas to All!

The cast of the Curse Breaker series wishes you a very merry Christmas! Papa and I will be doing this thing called ‘chillaxing’ all day. May your day be as merry and bright as ours and as filled with magic. We’ll try not to get into any trouble without you. 😉 Have a great day! And if you haven’t already, get books 1-4 for $3 until midnight. 1-click the omnibus/boxed set now: Join the adventure! Continue reading Merry Christmas to All!

Name that Creature!

Hi Readers, I’m back with an update! (This is Ran, by the way, Sarn’s son from the Curse Breaker series.) Last week, we talked briefly about upcoming books. The plan is still to get Curse Breaker: Hidden out before March to close up our current story arc and launch a new one. That new arc is the one you’ve been waiting for. All secrets will be revealed. No one is safe when the truth comes out, not even me. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Before we start the new arc, we have three fun, shorter adventures featuring Nulthir’s best … Continue reading Name that Creature!

Curse Breaker Things

Rough draft of a card for Thing, Nulthir’s best creature friend: Thing appears as a supporting character in: Curse Breaker: Falls Curse Breaker: Sundered Curse Breaker: Hidden (coming in 2020) the sequel to CB: Hidden (forthcoming) Demon Hunter (forthcoming) ***Thing appears as a main character in: Spell of Wings & Glass (part of Hidden Magic) <–on sale now! Spell of Bone & Ash (part of Wayward Magic) <–on sale now! Spell of Scales & Steel (part of Forgotten Magic) <–on sale now! Continue reading Curse Breaker Things

Magic is dangerous…

Three times the trouble…Three times the trials…Three times the triumph… Magic is dangerous this winter. Treat yourself to a trilogy like no other! Fans of Patricia Briggs and Tamsyn Muir will love the Magic Underground trilogy of anthologies… Give the gift of magic this year. Order this one of a kind set now! The adventure is calling. Will you be there? Grab the hit trilogy of anthologies now. 23 authors. 69 thrilling tales of danger and magic. Hidden Magic Wayward Magic Forgotten Magic Continue reading Magic is dangerous…

Until the Dark Lady Sings

Sleigh bells ring. The dark lady sings. Destruction, she brings. But she’s not our King. Okay, I’ll stop with the rhyming now. 🙂 This is Ran, Sarn’s son. Before we jump back into our holiday adventure, I want to deliver an update and an apology. First the apology. I’m sorry if I gave you the wrong impression last week. Curse Breaker: Hidden, the sequel to Curse Breaker: Sundered will hit your kindle as soon as it’s done. Hopefully, that’s sometime in Feb, but if not, then March. March is our line in the sand. We will find a way to … Continue reading Until the Dark Lady Sings

On Sale This Week

Today’s deals: Enchanted (Free) + our 2019 Holiday Adventure (Free, episodes arrive weekly on Mondays.) Get both here: Please double check your email address to ensure you receive both.*** ⭐⭐⭐ 99 cents today until Dec. 2 ⭐⭐⭐ Curse Breaker: Faceted Curse Breaker: Falls Get all the magical mayhem. Read them free in Kindle unlimited as well. Get ready for the next book in the series. It’s coming soon! Continue reading On Sale This Week

A question for you, dear reader

Hi readers! The Scribe and I (Ran, Sarn’s son) are having a bit of a disagreement. So, I thought I’d ask you to break the deadlock. The problem: What to do with our newsletter adventures? I want to publish them after they’re edited of course, but my Scribe wants to rewrite them so they’re in the same pov as the rest of our books–something called close third person. I said no. We don’t need to do that. These are my adventures. Who cares if they’re written in first person? The Scribe said you, our readers might care. Well, do you? … Continue reading A question for you, dear reader

Holiday Troubles, Part 1

Hi Readers, It’s time for our Dragonish Problem to become our Holiday Troubles <—the working title for this year’s holiday adventure, coming to you every week in our newsletter. We did ditch the dragon a few issues ago, so the ongoing story line no longer features her. But she did threaten to come back and cause future problems. I wouldn’t count her out just yet. (But I’m thankful she’s gone, even if it’s only for a little while.) If you’re just joining us, I’m Ran, the little boy from the Curse Breaker series. Since it’s the holidays, here’s a picture … Continue reading Holiday Troubles, Part 1

3 days left to get these incredible deals!

Sale ends on Nov. 25, but they’ll still be free to read in Kindle unlimited. But wait, there’s more. Grab the sequels for 99 cents next week! Stock up and save this holiday season. This is the first time the entire series will be on sale! Sign up so you don’t miss a thing: and get our special holiday adventure delivered to your inbox each week for free. 💥💥💥 Enchanted 💥💥💥 Sarn just wants to save his home from the evil invading it. His son has other plans, and they end up on the adventure of a lifetime that … Continue reading 3 days left to get these incredible deals!

Our Dragonish Problem Returns

Hi Readers, Since Robin’s books are officially launched, we’re heading back to what I hope will be the end of our dragonish problems because next week, we’re start our *special* holiday adventure! We do one every year, and this year is no different. But we have to wrap up our current adventure before we can begin a new one. That’s our Scribe’s rule. So you can look forward to new adventures right here in our newsletter from now into the new year. That’s our gift to you. 🙂 Before we unwrap that, we’re just going to check in on the editorial … Continue reading Our Dragonish Problem Returns

The Last Rogue

Hi Readers, Something happened last week, and it prevented our newsletter from deploying until Wednesday. But I, Ran, the ever cheerful son of Sarn, the Curse Breaker, am on the case, and I’ve come up with a few theories about what might have happened: The newsletter service we use to talk to you decided hold on to it. Maybe they wanted to read my diaper-clad escapades? The Newsletter-Dragon held it hostage for a wide variety of reasons. I never did name her. I was going to, but I might have gotten distracted by more important matters like sparkly magic. What? … Continue reading The Last Rogue

They kept it

We’re sorry your weekly dose of character shenanigans is two days late. Our newsletter service held it hostage. This is Ran, Sarn’s son from the Curse Breaker series, and that’s my theory for why our newsletter, which was scheduled to deploy on Monday morning, didn’t send. 😦 I just sent it out. So your adventure should have landed in your inbox already. We hope it gives you a smile. Continue reading They kept it

We’re Hunting Rogues

Hi Readers, We hope you’re enjoying Hunter’s Night and Rogue Night. Both are now live on Amazon and are in Kindle Unlimited. Finally. 🙂 This is Ran, Sarn’s son, from the Curse Breaker series. I’m coming back to your reading device in a bunch of all new-adventures with Papa, of course. Adventures are more fun when he’s on hand to scoop me up and out of the way of danger. 🙂 We’re just not sure of the timing because there are a LOT of moving pieces. But we have covers! While we work out the details behind the scenes, we’ll … Continue reading We’re Hunting Rogues