What the Snake Said

Hi Readers, We have good news! Kindle Vella is launching today. We don’t have any details yet about how to read Kindle Vella stories since all the links weren’t working when we put this newsletter together. But all our episodes that are published on Kindle Vella are published on our Patreon account, and we have links for that. We’ll have more information next week about Kindle Vella for those who prefer to pay by episode. So that’s exciting. Episodes from His Angelic Keeper Fallen will publish through the first week in August on Kindle Vella and our Patreon account, so … Continue reading What the Snake Said

What the snake did

Hi readers! We’ve been busy characters since you last saw us. What have we been up to? A lot. That snake incident morphed into something no one expected. I’ll get to that in a moment. I need to wrap my mind around the latest developments. While I get that story straight, let’s catch up on some book news. We uploaded all 38 chapters from His Angelic Keeper Fallen to Kindle Vella! According to Amazon, their new Kindle Vella platform is launching in mid to late July. We’ll let you know when it’s available. A month after all the episodes publish … Continue reading What the snake did