Meet Robin, a Hero in the Making

Hi Readers! Welcome back. This is Ran, Sarn’s son. We star in the Curse Breaker series, and today, it is my pleasure to introduce Robin to you. She’s our newest heroine, and she’ll be expanding our universe. 🙂 Robin lives in the same country as Papa and I. We’re actually contemporaries, so we can do fun things like crossovers! In fact, Robin’s debut book, Hunter’s Night, is a crossover. Papa and I feature within! You can grab Hunter’s Night now for 99 cents, and get 24 books with it by pre-ordering Rogue Skies. ***Rogue Skies will ONLY be 99 cents … Continue reading Meet Robin, a Hero in the Making

Where’s Robin?

Hi Readers, This is Ran, Sarn’s son. You know, the little kid from the Curse Breaker series? That’s me. Today, Robin was supposed to join me, but I don’t see her anywhere. My Scribe, Melinda, has a small apartment. So if Robin was here, I’d see her, and I don’t. “Robin? Are you here?” I asked as I poked my head through the glowing-purple portal floating in the middle of Melinda’s messy apartment. Robin lives in the same fantasy world as me. But there was no one on the other side of that portal, just the cave where I lived … Continue reading Where’s Robin?

Is that a Black Hole?

Hi Readers, This is Ran, the little boy from the Curse Breaker series, writing for my Scribe, Melinda. Well, actually she’s typing this. I’m pacing around waving my hands as I dictate this week’s newsletter because I’m that excited. 🙂 Next week, our newest heroine, Robin, will join us right here! That’s right. You’ll get to met her before anyone else does, and we’ll reveal the final cover for Rogue Night, the second book in her debut series. And now, because we could all use a little humor in our lives, I present the next part of Dragonish Problems. When … Continue reading Is that a Black Hole?

We’re melting away.

Hi Readers, We’re back with another adventure. This is Ran, son of Sarn, the Curse Breaker. But first, some updates because we love updates. 🙂 The countdown is on. Hunter’s Night, which is part of the Rogue Skies Boxed Set is coming soon! Preorder yours now. It’s Robin’s debut book, and she’ll be a special guest right here in our newsletter from August 19 until her books are out and in your hands, so you can meet her. I’m not entirely sure how that will work, so this will be an adventure for me too. But I’m looking forward to it, … Continue reading We’re melting away.

Can Bear Save Us?

Hi Readers,  Last week, that meddlesome Bear, aka my best friend, who is also a very furry and very stuffed bear, was about to tell us how he intended to save me from our latest problem. Before I find out the answer to that very important question, I want to catch you up on what’s going on book-wise. Also last week, I discussed the reading order for our books. Gold star for me. 🙂 (This is Ran by the way, the son of the Curse Breaker, Sarn.) So this week, I want to take a moment to chat about upcoming … Continue reading Can Bear Save Us?

That Meddlesome Bear

Hi Readers, I’m back. This is Ran, and I must dive into this week’s newsletter right away to avoid a plot hole. They can be quite deadly, which is why I’m doing my best to avoid falling into one. Hold please while I back us up in time to the moment after Bear sent last week’s newsletter. Okay, are you still with me? Good, cause I’m going in, and you’re coming with me. When you last saw our hero (me, Ran, Sarn’s son), it was through Bear’s eyes. Bear is my best and most furriest friend. He is also an … Continue reading That Meddlesome Bear

What A Bear’s Gotta Do

Hello, Don’t adjust your newsletter-reading device. This is Bear. Well, Ran’s Bear if you want to be specific. Yes, as much as this pains me to admit it, I’m a bear spirit living inside a stuffed bear, and you’ve seen the complications that come with that in Curse Breaker: Faceted, Curse Breaker: Falls, Curse Breaker: Sundered, and coming soon, Curse Breaker: Hidden. So, I won’t rehash that here. Said stuffed toy belongs to your regular newsletter host, Ran, Sarn’s son. I guess I do too. Where is Ran? He’s standing on tiptoe on a rolling cart, so he can peer over our Scribe, … Continue reading What A Bear’s Gotta Do

The Black Hole Will See You Now

Hi Readers, If you, like our scribe, live in the US, we hope you had a happy Fourth of July. In celebration of the holiday weekend, we present Dragonish Problems, part 9 without any commentary. I’ll have a lot to say about it next week, but this week, we wanted to give you a story. So here it is. We hope you enjoy it. –Ran, son of Sarn, forever a thorn in our Newsletter’s Dragon’s side 😉 If you missed a part, there are links below to the earlier parts, or you could wait for the ebook version, which will … Continue reading The Black Hole Will See You Now

War of Words and Phones and Dragons

Hi Readers! Last week, we told you about Organic Ink, Vol. 1. It published on June 30, but it’s been having problems. If you pre-ordered it like we did, don’t panic. The publisher is working with Amazon to figure out why Organic Ink Vol. 1 hasn’t been delivered. We’re still waiting for our copy too. We don’t know why this book is having issues. Neither does the publisher. They’re just as vexed as we are, but we wanted to let you know. It’s such a shame this is happening. There are some really great poems in there. We’ll keep you … Continue reading War of Words and Phones and Dragons

Rogue Ink: *Special Weekend Edition*

Hi Readers, Before we dive into this week’s episode, we must gush about Organic Ink. What is it? 50 authors. 1 mission: to free your mind and take you on a wild ride through the lens of poetry. These fifty (50!) authors remind you of your childhood, bring comfort from the hardships of life, fiercely spur emotions, and tell tales of old. All lovers of poetry will find a favorite here. That’s pretty awesome, but what did our Scribe contribute? I’m glad you asked that. This is Ran, son of Sarn, in case you were wondering. Well, way back around … Continue reading Rogue Ink: *Special Weekend Edition*

Amazon has gone Rogue

Rogue Skies is FINALLY up for pre-order on AMAZON! Get #RogueSkies for .99! You’ll also get a free ebook of 19 more stories which you can claim immediately!that’s 44 books for .99!😯Tell everyone you know! Spread the word.🔥 #Amazon:📚 #Nook:🍎 #Apple:💝 #FreeGift: Continue reading Amazon has gone Rogue

Where have the scribes gone?

Hi Readers, We wish all the fathers out there a happy Father’s Day. Papa and I spent it like we do every Sunday. We pestered our Scribe for more scenes! 🙂 It’s a great father-son activity. Our scribe’s hand is still sore, so I’m in charge again. (This is Ran, son and sidekick of Sarn, the hero of the Curse Breaker series.) We were going to do this dramatic lead-up to the launch of this anthology where authors (and some characters) go bonkers, but the organizer moved the release date from the middle of July to this past Monday. What … Continue reading Where have the scribes gone?