I did a thing. 😱

Listen to the first three chapters of Curse Breaker Enchanted by Melinda Kucsera. A reluctant mage must unravel a dark plot before it kills him. But nothing is as it seems in the enchanted forest and the killer is too close and too powerful for one mage to fight. Find out who prevails in Curse Breaker Enchanted. Get the ebook for FREE: https://melindakucsera.com/the-more-epic-version/ Get the audiobook for 0.99 cents for 17 hours of magical mayhem. Support me on Patreon (and get free books)https://www.patreon.com/melindakucsera ***This excerpt is read by an AI named Mike.*** Yes, AIs have names. Who knew? No hands, … Continue reading I did a thing. 😱

How to help the people of Ukraine

Hi, readers, and visitors from the far reaches of the internet. Your favorite fantasy characters (or your new favorite ones if this is your first time here) will update this post with links and information we find about ways to help the people of Ukraine. Time Magazine has a list of organizations here that need donations to help children and provide medical supplies to paramedics and doctors. Fortune has a longer list that includes some of the ones on the Time Magazine’s list plus some others. You can find it here. RazomUkraine has a list of ways to help here. … Continue reading How to help the people of Ukraine

There are dragons in here

Hey Readers, Thank you for supporting the launch of Curse Breaker Fallout. Whether you bought a copy of Fallout or one of the books that preceded it, thank you. Every sale helps pay for the next book, Curse Breaker Trapped, which should be nearing completion soon. I need to check in with the Scribe and find out what’s going on with that because I thought we had the story locked down, and there were only a few loose ends she was tidying up before the big climax. But I saw some shady characters hanging around. I need to find out … Continue reading There are dragons in here