Unlock the Mystery of Rogue Ranger: Get the Story Now!

Hey, Today’s the day. I’m Robin, your temporary host and the third book in my series, Rogue Ranger, comes out today. It’s also my Scribe, Melinda’s, birthday. I hope you’ll check Rogue Ranger out. My story takes some crazy bends as I run into fallen gods and grapple with the changing magic in the land, all the while searching for my daughter. What’s Rogue Ranger about? A mother’s love knows no bounds, but the enchanted forest is unforgiving. There are three rules she can’t break—start no fires, carry no weapons, and do no harm—or die. Robin must save her daughter … Continue reading Unlock the Mystery of Rogue Ranger: Get the Story Now!

Jump Into the Action: Hunter’s Night Continues

Welcome back. I’m Robin, your temporary host. Ran asked that I make that clear. I guess he doesn’t want you thinking that this change is permanent. It’s definitely not. I’m a woman on a mission, but my Scribe said I need to do this, and I have to admit that I’m enjoying this. I hope you are too. It’s not every day that I get to speak directly to you, who are reading my story. It still boggles my mind that my life is just a story for you. I hope it ends well. Melinda won’t tell me how it … Continue reading Jump Into the Action: Hunter’s Night Continues

Not Your Usual Narrator

This is a newsletter takeover. Hey Readers! I hope you had a good week. This isn’t Ran, but don’t worry. Ran is fine. But his book isn’t releasing in a few weeks. Mine is, so you get me for the next couple of weeks. Who am I? I’m Robin. Yes, I’m that Robin, the character Ran likes to complain about. I don’t now what his problem is. I’m just a single mother trying to save her daughter. You’d think he’d have some sympathy for me, but I understand. He likes to get all the page time. But sometimes, other characters … Continue reading Not Your Usual Narrator

It’s coming in March and other good news

Hi Readers, Hey! It’s me. I’m back! This is Ran, Sarn’s son and your usual narrator for this newsletter. I let my Scribe, Melinda, who is kindly typing this for me, take over last week since she was feeling blue. I thought talking directly to you instead of talking to you through me would make her feel better, and it did. Her father was discharged from the hospital on Saturday. So our Scribe is relieved about that. Things were touch go for a while since he was dangerously anemic and septic because of kidney disease. But that’s all under control … Continue reading It’s coming in March and other good news

A Rough Ride and a Rogue

Hey Readers, It’s been a rough week. This is Melinda, the Scribe. Ran is here, and he’s fine, but I wanted to write directly to you this week. We promised some book news this week. Unfortunately, I need to push back that announcement. On Thursday morning, they rushed my father to the emergency room, and I have been back and forth to the hospital every day since and have not been able to finish what I was hoping to share today. My father is improving a little each day, which is a relief for me and my family. I thought … Continue reading A Rough Ride and a Rogue

Oops. We might have goofed

(But we’re back to apologize and entertain you!) Hey Readers, Sorry about last week. We thought we sent the newsletter but then we couldn’t find it anywhere. We thought we did something wrong, and you know how much I hate asking that dragon for help. But I had no choice because the email didn’t show up in our inbox, and it wasn’t in the outbox. It wasn’t anywhere on Substack either. But I found a draft, so I sent it again, and here’s where things get strange. This is Ran, Sarn’s son from the Curse Breaker series, and I’m not … Continue reading Oops. We might have goofed

Did that dragon help?

Hi Readers, I sent this from our new host, Substack. But I had to consult our dragon to make that happen, and she helped us connect our domain that we use for email sending with our previous host, so this email should have arrived from the same email address that you’re used to getting her emails from. If it didn’t, it’s that dragon’s fault. She did something wrong. Of course, now she wants page time as payment for her work. Does she deserve it? That’s what I want to know. Who am I to ask that? Well, I’m not the … Continue reading Did that dragon help?