Chasing the Cross

Chasing the Cross

A cross stood proud on a snow capped mountain–a symbol of something that begged Istan to discover its meaning…

Istan’d seen in the Maelstrom’s wind-whipped eye,
a snowy mountaintop crowned with a cross.
A symbol unknown, its blue shadow, sky-
wards reaching, casting all to doubt and dross.
Crawling up that snow flecked slope to shelter
by this thing whose call he didn’t understand,
yet when his numb hand grasped that iced welter
of grass, that bit of forest green where it stands–
his mind had cleared and the maelstrom’s grip’d eased.
That cross had grown to encompass all sight,
block the wind with its might; the attack ceased
as he’d stared at that pitted wood where nail’s bite
left blood and terrible loss; but there rose
hope and consciousness to help those opposed.

— A Mind’s Fight and Quest

That cross that may offer the answer to defeating the enemies facing him and his friends. The strength of that vision led him to leave his former compainions–Henneth, Chero, Anasril, Undreal and Irene–to strike off on his own.

However, he is a son of a jealous pantheon and many of his divine relations don’t want his quest to succeed. They fear the awakening of the creator will end their reign. Their treachery lays bear the seeds of Istan’s destruction which were sown at birth and which begin to grow as he travels closer to the truth.

Without the Winter Mantle to curb the dark side of Istan’s powers, they’re preying on his mind, twisting his intentions and putting his companions in dangerA herd of Nightmares have stolen his body and are trying to co-opt his mind to turn it to their evil purpose and with it, gain control of a powerful god from an old and broken pantheon. One still revered in the northern wastes where he dwells.

Can he defeat the darkness that is swallowing his soul? Or will it consume him and end his quest?

Table of Contents

  1. A Stormy Quest
  2. Emperor’s Quest Part 1
  3. Emperor’s Quest Part 2
  4. Hierophant’s Quest
  5. Nightmares’ Quest
  6. Nightmares’ Quest Part 2
  7. Hierophant’s Quest Part 2
  8. Hierophant’s Quest Part 3
  9. Hierophant’s Quest Part 4
  10. Hierophant’s Quest Part 5
  11. Hijacked Quest
  12. Quest to Mind’s Spires
  13. Mine to Possess
  14. Friend Nightmare
  15.  Scheming Goddesses
  16. Falling for You 
  17. Caught in Mind
  18. Redamancy’s Quest
  19. To Istan with Love