Curse Breaker Books 7-9

Magic is forbidden in Sarn’s world — but he must use the power he once kept hidden to find and save his family in a dark and dangerous realm of enchanted forests and intrigue. Get books 7-9 of this captivating epic fantasy adventure now!

Curse Breaker Books 7-9 takes Sarn and his family on their most personal adventure yet. The omnibus includes the following epic fantasy stories:

Curse Breaker Fallout:

Sarn won back his magic, but it no longer trusts him and won’t come at his call. Can he fix things with his magic in time to save his twin from the demon possessing her?

Curse Breaker Trapped:

Old enemies return and Sarn snaps from the strain. Meanwhile, a bored Ran sets out on his own adventure, and everything goes wrong. Can his uncle save him? Because this time, Sarn can’t.

Curse Breaker Revealed:

Sarn faces his worst nightmare. The man who almost killed him five years ago might have his son. But Sarn can’t defeat him alone since his magic will force him to obey that psychopath’s orders. How can he save his son?

Curse Breaker Books 7-9 collects the first three stories in the Revelation Arc into one book. No one will be spared. Who will survive the reckoning when all the lies are exposed?

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