Curse Breaker: The Game

Melinda made cards for us. Isn’t she awesome? These are just digital drafts because printing them is prohibitively expensive, but who knows? Someday we might have the funds to print some. They’d make really cool swag.

Why did Melinda make these? I might have signed up to take part in a cyber convention this May, and there might be a character battle in it. I also might have nominated Papa as our champion and filled out this nice form thing with details about his powers and stuff.

Then it asked for a picture of Papa, and that’s where I got into trouble. Since we live in a fantasy world, we have to hire someone to draw pictures of us. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to request new art for us from none other than our beloved scribe! 🙂

Here are all the cards created so far (click the card to see a larger version):