1) An expansion  of Quest with more of everything you love–action, drama, adventure, character moments, etc… 2) A recasting to add prose portions to the original parts of Quest, which were written strictly in sonnets.


A Novel of Shayari

A last request…
An orphaned baby…
A dethroned Storm King…
A sorceress who gave up her name…
A demonic queen bent on destroying them all…

At her deathbed, Henneth’s wife made one request. That he go out into the world see as much of the country of their birth as possible. So he set off on a quest of a lifetime.

Henneth‘s grown children didn’t need him around anymore and he had nothing tying him to his treetop village. Not now that his wife had died. Her last request beat in his head driving him to walk away. So he left it intent on one last venture, a sightseeing hike across the country. He had no plans past that until he ran afoul of a sorcerer and discovered an orphaned baby. Then his trip became a quest to find a home for the child. Too bad other forces have an interest in the child too. Stopping those darker elements sends Henneth’s allies on quests of their own…

The Anonymous woman… she saved Henneth from the sorcerer, whose activities woke her. Now loose in the world, this ancient sorceress possesses dangerous knowledge of the old magics. Spells long forgotten by the mages of this day and age are locked safe in her memory. She’s walking the world again baiting those crave power and she has an agenda of her own.

The Storm King… Imprisoned by an incorporeal entity known as the Maelstrom, which eats away at the mind of its victims, he is unable to stop the winter freeze from continuing its march southwards or the storms that dump snow on valleys where spring is trying to spring up. Nor can anyone save him without running afoul of the Maelstrom, a monster held at bay by his forbidden gift of mind magic. So long as the creature can’t read his mind, it can’t take him over. Nor can it turn its sights on anyone else…

The Undeem…with the winter holding on longer than it should, darkness is never far away. Shadows blanket lands where sun should shine allowing creatures of the dark to hunt. Their hunger is insatiable and they crave the taste of magic on their tongues…

When the Undeem kidnap the baby Henneth found, lines are drawn, quests are combined. The lives of everyone Henneth encounters will never be the same. Shayari might not be either.

Table of Contents

  1. The First Quest
  2. A last Request
  3. The First Quest: A Last Request Part 3
  4. Tree of Memory
  5. First Steps
  6. Burned
  7. Rogue Gratitude
  8. Help Brings Trouble
  9. Tiny Messenger
  10. Evarion’s Call
  11. Finding Evarion

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