Ride the Darkness


It was supposed to be a routine patrol–the first for this year’s graduates. But nothing about it is routine when a shadow climbs aboard and starts killing trainees and their trainers.

Bored out of his mind from drilling the trainees, Anurevin hits the deck to check on his sea-dragon unaware there’s a silent killer aboard. More than gossip with her fellow dragons is keeping his dragon awake this night and him too. An old power is stirring, setting all the dragons and those, like Anurevin, who are mage-gifted, on edge.

One man and his mute dragon plan to send them all to a watery grave to keep that magic, and what it unlocks, a secret. But he’ll have to go through Anurevin and his dragon first, and they’re the best warriors to sail the Star Sea in a long, long time.

Find out who will prevail in Ride the Darkness, the first book in the Lord of the Sea series.

Coming to print + ebook in 2019

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