Search the Stars


Anurevin is missing and his sister is out to find him. Anuralla’s lost too many in this ceaseless war. She refuses to lose her brother too.

Anuralla is a warrior and mage in her own right. With her dragon at her side, she’ll scour the Star Sea for Anurevin–until she finds a mysterious woman floating the middle of the Star Sea who can’t remember anything except her name. Everything goes wrong from the moment she drags that woman aboard. Dangers beyond anything she could ever imagine threaten to sweep them all into the fathomless depths of the Star Sea.

Nor is that woman the only castaway. Roughly a thousand miles away, Jevana finds a nameless man with a dangerous secret. She’s just embarked on her first voyage after illegally bonding to a dragon and failing to report that bond. And she has no idea what she’s doing. Too bad no one told the enemy.

When the harvesters return, both women will be caught in a deadly struggle to survive.