Special Event: Quest

Hear ye, hear ye!


Lords and ladies come; a special event
beckons you to feast your eyes on bold quests
where our fair questors, for your amusement,
risk life, limb and sanity by request.


An interruption is coming to in medias res’ regularly scheduled programming. Quest is taking over.  


All good things come to an end. On May 7 @ 1 AM ET Irene will discover the Undeem Queen’s making and just in time too. Her friends need her:

Who will Irene choose to help? Will she even have a choice or will the gods decide for her:

How will she find her friends? Find out on May 15 in Scheming Goddesses.

When & Where:

To celebrate the completion of Irene’s solo quest, in medias res will republish her entire story arc beginning on Monday, May 2 at 12 am ET so you can relive the adventure in its entirety without interruption.

As a special bonus, in medias res will also republish Istan’s, Irene’s ex-husband’s, solo quest. Find out if their quests will merge on Sunday, May 15 or if fate will continue to divide them. 

in medias res will resume its regular editorial schedule on May 16th.

Can’t wait to get started? Here’s a full listing in order of the two Quest storylines:

Irene’s Solo Quest

  1. Quests and Divine Pests (5/2)
  2. Tower’s Quest (5/2)
  3. Tower’s Quest Part 2 (5/3)
  4. Tower’s Quest Part 3 (5/3)
  5. Tower’s Quest Part 4 (5/4)
  6. Tower’s Quest Part 5 (5/4)
  7. Tower’s Quest Part 6 (5/5)
  8. A Deadly Quest (5/5)
  9. Prince Death’s Quest (5/6)
  10. Make Evil a Queen (5/6)
  11. Death’s Boon – (5/7)
  12. Awaiting Fate – (5/7)
  13. Scheming Goddesses – (5/15)

Istan’s Solo Quest

  1. A Stormy Quest (5/8)
  2. Emperor’s Quest Part 1 (5/8)
  3. Emperor’s Quest Part 2 (5/9)
  4. Hierophant’s Quest  (5/9)
  5. Nightmares’ Quest  (5/10)
  6. Nightmares’ Quest Part 2  (5/10)
  7. Hierophant’s Quest Part 2  (5/11)
  8. Hierophant’s Quest Part 3  (5/11)
  9. Hierophant’s Quest Part 4 (5/12)
  10. Hierophant’s Quest Part 5 (5/12)
  11. Hijacked Quest (5/13)
  12. Quest to Mind’s Spires (5/13)
  13. Mine to Possess (5/14)
  14. Friend Nightmare (5/14)
  15.  Scheming Goddesses (5/15)

*Parenthetical dates indicate the date of republish. All links are live links previously published on http://melindakucsera.com.


This special event is dedicated to a very special fan, who has been championing Irene and Istan’s reconciliation. We’ll find out on May 15th if that’s in the cards.

There’s a lot of water under that bridge. We’ll see if they can bridge it, assuming that two scheming goddesses don’t have other plans for our questors…