Curse Breaker’s Shadow

Curse Breaker’s Shadow is a series of books that chronicles a game of spells and deadly magical politics that ensnared a young, naive mage (Sarn), a jaded, shell-shocked thief (Shade), a warlock-in-hiding turned prison Guard (Nulthir), and an extraordinary group of mind-talking creatures (Thing, Amal, etc). Together, they’ll either root out the evil forces striving to summon a demonic army or become its first conquest.

Spell of Cloaks & Crystals

Theirs was a friendship for the ages–an abused mage just trying to raise his younger brother and a gray-clad enigma who hides beneath a cloak and veil.

They didn’t know it, but the day Sarn and Shade met, they took the first step toward a perilous friendship that balanced on the knife edge of fate. One wrong move, and their friendship could destroy the mountain stronghold where they live and kill the ten thousand souls living there.

Be wary of who you trust.

***includes Caught in a Glance, originally published in 2019 in the First Love Anthology plus an all-new tale about dark magic, demons, and a bespelled glass object with a terrifying occupant.

***Coming as soon as the rights to Caught in a Glance revert back to me.

Spell of Wings & Glass

In “Spell of Wings & Glass,” part of the Hidden Magic AnthologyMagic might be illegal, but in the maze under Mount Eredren anything could be hiding. So, one warlock on the run turned prison Guard is no big deal, until a baby Owl-Cat shows up. Even cuddly monsters deserve a safe haven, and this prison isn’t it.

But Nulthir is in for the fight of his life to get that fluffy baby—something—to safety when it attracts trouble. Someone’s lurking in the shadows of the prison, and that person just might be hunting the very creature he’s trying to save. Or it might be hunting him. Magic is illegal, after all, and spellcasting has deadly consequences for them both. But it’ll take more than magic to survive what’s coming their way.

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Spell of Bone & Ash

In “Spell of Bone & Ash,” part of the Wayward Magic Anthology, Nulthir thought he’d escaped the darkness that nearly destroyed his family, but he was wrong. That evil is now inside him, straining to break free. It’s up to Thing, Amal, and their family of mind-talking creatures to stop the transformation set in motion by a magical attack before it changes their only human ally into an inhuman monster.

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Spell of Scales & Steel

In “Spell of Scales & Steel,” part of the Forgotten Magic Anthology, Thing thought he had it all figured out when he and his son followed the thief to his lair. But his plan goes to hell in a hurry when the thief runs straight to a young mage. Is that boy the mastermind of the attack on the prison that started this whole mess, or is he just another pawn in what has become a terrifying game of spells?

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There will be a fourth episode because the gang wouldn’t let me end this in the third one. They went way off script in “Spell of Scales & Steel.” But they did so many cool things, I couldn’t cut them out. So, they’ll be doing the epic showdown in the fourth episode instead of in the third episode as I had planned. After that, the rest of the series will be full novels.

Please direct all complaints to Shade, Furball, and the Queen of All Trees. They hijacked the plot.

Want more?

Thing and Nulthir, together and separately, have stared in several other books. For a full listing as well as details about future books featuring them, visit

Coming Soon

Spell of Shadow & Light

Thing and his family face their toughest challenge yet. They must stop the spell a group of warlocks started and save Furball too.

Spell of Blood & Runes

Nulthir, Thing and his family must find Sarn before a psychopath does. If they don’t, a group of warlocks will use the kid to summon a demon, and that demon might just decide to inhabit Nulthir again unless he can rid himself of the spells written on his skin that make him the perfect host. (Forthcoming)

Spell of Wrath & Ruin

Hopefully, this will be the epic conclusion. However, the characters have not confirmed that yet. Details to follow. (Forthcoming)