Curse Breaker’s Shadow


Curse Breaker’s Shadow

Theirs was a friendship for the ages–an abused mage just trying to raise his younger brother and a gray-clad enigma who hides beneath a cloak and veil.

They didn’t know it, but the day Sarn and Shade met, they took the first step toward a perilous friendship that would end in the deaths of many, unleash a demon, and earn the ire of an angel.

From the mines under Mount Eredren, to the Gray Between life and death, follow the twisted paths friendship takes. Only one will survive when adoration turns to obsession. But not even death can sever some bonds.

Find out what happens in Curse Breaker’s Shadow.

Episode 1, Caught in a Glance, is on sale now! It’s published in First Love:



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Coming soon: Episode 2, A Darker Shade of Love: