Hanging out with friends…

…Makes everything better. Nulthir can definitely attest to that. As a Guard for Mount Eredren, he’s often embroiled in dangerous situations, and his best creature friend, Thing, is always there to help. They’ve been friends and fellow adventurers since they were children.

Now, they star in books together. Meet Nulthir, Thing and Thing’s family in the Curse Breaker series.


This spell-slinger in hiding is a skilled swordsman and peacekeeper. He’s also a natural channel for magic—a talent his family tried to use for evil.


Part owl, monkey & cat, this mind-talking silent flier is all claws with a loyal heart. Thing doesn’t like people messing with his only human friend. His mind is deadlier than his bite.


Part hawk, monkey and cat, this mind- talking matriarch is a fast & deadly flier. Mess with her family and face her claws. Her mind is sharper than her bite, but it must be since she’s mated to Thing.

Books They Appear In

Nulthir has a cameo in this one. It’s his first appearance in the Curse Breaker series.

Nulthir has several cameos, but Thing stays out of sight since this book is from Jerlo’s perspective.

Nulthir and Thing appear in this one as monsters threaten to overrun the Lower Quarters.

This set features books 1-4 of the Curse Breaker series. Nulthir has many cameos in this one, but Thing isn’t seen until book 4. Magic is illegal, so Thing stays off camera during books 1-3.

Nulthir and Thing play a large role in this one. They battle monsters and fight alongside the Guards Nulthir serves with.

Nulthir and Thing help Sarn and his son save the day in this book. Amal might join the fight.


The following books take place 4-5 years before Curse Breaker: Enchanted.

In Spell of Wings & Glass, one of the 23 stories featured in Hidden Magic, Nulthir is stricken down by dark magic, Thing’s youngest grandkit, Furball, is danger. Never mind the fact that this little critter shouldn’t even be in the prison in the first place. It’s up to Thing, Amal and their kits to save the cuddly baby and their only human friend.

In Spell of Bone & Ash, one of the 23 stories featured in Wayward Magic, Nulthir has been infected with dark magic, and it’s killing him. Instead of saving him, his best creature friend, Thing, is off on his own mission with his son in tow, leaving Amal to somehow save Nulthir and her family. But the dark magic has infected her too.

In Spell of Scales & Steel, one of the 23 stories featured in Forgotten Magic, Thing and his son are in a world of trouble when they follow a dangerous man with deadly magic who will do anything to keep his dastardly project a secret. And that was before Furball showed up. It’s up to Amal to pull her mate’s feathers out of the fire, if she can.

Thing and his family face their toughest challenge yet. They must stop the spell a group of warlocks started and save Furball too.

Nulthir, Thing and his family must find Sarn before a psychopath does. If they don’t, a group of warlocks will use the kid to summon a demon, and that demon might just decide to inhabit Nulthir again unless he can rid himself of the spells written on his skin that make him the perfect host. (Forthcoming)

Hopefully, this will be the epic conclusion. However, the characters have not confirmed that yet. Details to follow. (Forthcoming)

Other books starring Nulthir and his creature friends:

  • Demon Hunter (Divergent Heroes #3, forthcoming,)
  • Curse Breaker #7 (forthcoming, title not set yet)

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