Nulthir is the Captain of the Guard (temporarily) for the stronghold at Mount Eredren in Shayari.

Nulthir is a supporting character for the Curse Breaker series I have written but not yet published. You’ll see cameos of the main character from the Curse Breaker series (Sarn). Other characters from that story will also pop up in the telling, including Jerlo, everyone’s favorite commander of the Rangers.

Why lead off my brand new blog with a side character? I needed to know more about Nulthir than what I’d seen in the few scenes in the Curse Breaker story line where he showed his face. I have a position to fill in later parts of that story. So I decided to give him a shot in 500-1500 word chunks.

Think of this short story as a kind of job interview. Does he have the chops? Will he make it to the majors? We’ll find out.

Scenes in reading order:

Charity supported:

Nulhir’s charity of choice, to which a part of any proceeds from any piece of content that prominently features him will be donated will probably be creature-related. Just from what I have learned so far, the welfare of creatures is a primary concern for him. I have to do some research to figure out which charity has a mission statement that is consistent with his character and beliefs. Suggestions on charities are welcome and encouraged!


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