In Your Desert – A Pic and a word Challenge Sonnet

In Your Desert Better is one day with you, than without you, even if that day is spent burning in the desert’s heat and going without bread or water because abandoning you isn’t an option. Forty days you’ll spend here and so will I. I’ll keep the vigil by your side, my King and my God, and mend my ways in these Lenten days, but I still need your guidance Lord, even far from courts of man, but I understand, I’ll sit here while you pray, but  let me be your escort when you leave the desert, let me go there, to your courts, … Continue reading In Your Desert – A Pic and a word Challenge Sonnet

dark | side | thursday – Carry His Cross

Carry His Cross Every step’s a struggle. Each breath’s a pain to draw in through cracked and bleeding lips pursed, catch that drop of sweat rolling down the plane of his face. He must go, ‘fore his heart bursts from the burden he carries, the cross bearing down on his shoulders with each step, each new sin heaped upon the rest. Each fall is tearing at his soul but he doesn’t despair, in his last hours of agony, he knows that his fate’s one with those who’ve gone before. This crucifixion is not just his own, its an echo of one long past who bore the … Continue reading dark | side | thursday – Carry His Cross