Curse Breaker: Enchanted

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Sarn patrols the enchanted forest with the Rangers and deals with its magical weirdness. A weirdness that just might cost his sanity as events shake the foundations of what he has always believed about the forest… Continue reading Curse Breaker: Enchanted


Friendship Saveen regarded Ran in that open, trusting way of his; slow-witted they said; stupid, they called him, those orphan children, the Foundlings that mama had raised and led. Ran understood him even though Saveen was big like his uncle. His mind was small, which made him the perfect friend for one green eyed boy who didn’t want to be watched at all. They played knights and dragons. Creeping about from shadowed nook to pile of clothes, they slunk, stalking imaginary prey. Lookout! A monster’s rising–they pounce using spunk to defend ’cause no weapons are allowed, their foe fades to shadow and they stand proud. ~ ~ ~ Scene from … Continue reading Friendship