Come Come with your wax wings sun-melted, your flight cut short freedom’s moment lost Come broken and all from your fall off that high wall gather your pieces Come naked or clothed disguised or in your face bold no judgment behold Come with song and sing belt out that incantation strum your salvation Come with feet tapping dance with shadows, tango with your confidence Come with battered hearts let comfort’s arms enfold you shield you from life’s pains Come as you are now riddled with holes that won’t mend I’ve needles and thread Come trailing blood, crawl through barbed wire–take my hand let … Continue reading Come

They might be Senryus

These might indeed be Senryus or some other species of micro poems. I just read three mystery/thrillers (audio books of course) back to back while cleaning house/walking/cooking/photoshopping etc and for some reason that led me to write these.  Go figure. Seventeen lifetimes he sat, in prison, scribbling wisdom on cell blocks Parted lips drip gold gold flecks smeared to make her bold she laughs, gold flashes Stars alight attract lovers with star-shot wishes their hopes soar space-wards Lovers who obsess future’s fate’s their obsession now’s not their concern Jealousy’s green eye casts itself on all around sees imagined faults Security woos … Continue reading They might be Senryus