Stars Dance – A Kyrielle Sonnet

Stars Dance – a Kyrielle Sonnet Stars dance to music of the spheres within dark energy’s ballroom swaying through dark matter that’s there. Gravity’s pull makes them dance. In a vacuum their music sounds mathematical, oh what gloom– scientific, describes the boom. Gravity’s pull makes them dance. Colliding stars send shock waves out shaking the the long cosmic ballroom, the microwave background plays out– Gravity’s pull makes them dance. Stars dance to music of the spheres– Gravity’s pull makes them dance. ~ ~ ~ This was really hard. Not sure I’ll try this one again unless I need a poetic torture device 😉 … Continue reading Stars Dance – A Kyrielle Sonnet

Leaving on a Space Ship – A Daily Post Sonnet

Leaving on a Space Ship If I leave earth and trade it for the stars, never can I return home. The rocket’s red glare, escape velocity, no bar. past our planet’s dance in our space pocket, I go into outer space to explore, to boldly go where no woman has gone before. To sail the milky way, to soar past alien suns and watch a new dawn bloom on exoplanets while you grow old. Earth spins your years away while mine slow down special relativity, I’m told, works like that with light speed; it makes me frown. I ride the light, push nine-tenths of light speed … Continue reading Leaving on a Space Ship – A Daily Post Sonnet

Black Hole

Black Hole I write from a black hole, where I riddle. I’m slowly being spaghettified* by tidal forces’ stretch, squeeze to a noodle. Light can’t escape its pull; no last ditch fly by or rescue attempt. What the black hole catches, it keeps. It lets nothing escape save one thing its embrace can’t hold–my soul– its needs no velocity to escape. It travels faster than light to the source, away from its earthen birth, its black hole confinement, to the spark that set its course. Shot out of the black hole, flying fast, still whole, that soul,  that spark that once leapt in my flesh, ’til black … Continue reading Black Hole

To Live and Die in Starlight

To Live and Die in Starlight To live and die in starlight—my dark tomb I await as my last breath space swallows. Static–no rescue from this chill’d, stark womb. No shining rebirth as stars do follows this silent end of asphyxiation. No state funeral, no six gun salute– No alien felled me for my nation. No blanket of flags to warm my spacesuit. My ship, my headstone, one more asteroid, ablaze amid earth’s atmosphere, streaming ash from astronaut Lloyd, dead in the void. He lived and died in starlight bleak and cold, No warmth of flesh, no smile to behold. … Continue reading To Live and Die in Starlight