The Great Book Search

If you missed what Ran is calling ‘the Great Book Search,’ fear not. We’ve gathered links to all of the puzzles, clues, and mayhem here. You can experience all the insanity by clicking the links below. Enjoy!

Ghosts and Ghouls and Sallow Fools…

Prepare to Be Faceted.

When Vampires + Dark Gods Rise–Who’re You going to call?

Into the Heart of Power: A Riddle + A Quest

Memory’s Riddle: A Special Note from our Captive Scribe

Help Ran unscramble the latest Riddle. Only you can help get his scribe back!

Solve the Riddle. Get Free Books. Help the Queen of All Trees.

Decode the Clues. Help Us Get Our Scribe Back! Get FREE Books for Helping.

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