We’re Breaking Curses & Taking Over

By popular demand, here are all the ‘episodes’ of character craziness in reverse chronological order:

NEW! Ghosts and Ghouls and Sallow Fools…

Prepare to Be Faceted.

When Vampires + Dark Gods Rise–Who’re You going to call?

Into the Heart of Power: A Riddle + A Quest

Memory’s Riddle: A Special Note from our Captive Scribe

Help Ran unscramble the latest Riddle. Only you can help get his scribe back!

Solve the Riddle. Get Free Books. Help the Queen of All Trees.

Decode the Clues. Help Us Get Our Scribe Back! Get FREE Books for Helping.

Interview with the Commander: the Free, the Nailed and the Dragooned

Help! We’re Fading…

Write a review, Win a “role” in our next book!

Interview with the Scribe…

Vote for your favorite character!

It’s Raining eBooks!

Taste the Darkness…

Go Darker! Curse Breaker 2: Darkens is out now!

Watch Out! Rogue Scribe on the Loose!

Everyone loves a winner!

Curse Breaker: Darkens

Would You Give Us A Star? How about 5 Stars?

Don’t Keep A Good Story Down

We stormed a citadel and fought the King of Amazon for you! Reap the Rewards!

How We Marked up Destiny & Why We Did It (Destiny Had It Coming)

Have you seen our book? We might have lost it…

Your FREE Preview & Our Latest Shenanigans

Dragon vs Fictional Characters – Who’ll Survive & Who’ll become Extra Crispy? + A Free Preview

How to Spellbind a Dragon

How A Dragon Foiled My Dastardly Plan

You won’t believe this.

Mel vs the Bridge Troll


Characters Crash Cyber Convention (Don’t tell our Author)

Have You Seen Our Author?

Characters Review their Author

Heroines Chase Trees

Still playing Tag

Tag you’re it!

Picking on Pixels 

Battle of the Pixels

Mishandled Pixels (aka Cover Mock-Ups)

Curse Breaker: Enchanted (More Epic Version) Chap 1

Death, Editing and Birthdays, Oh My!

The Story Behind the Story

Epic Worlds Giveaway (Takeover?)

We’re Muscling on Some Romantic Action

Will you be there when it counts?

How It All Began

How to Steal the Scene for Free

How to Get out of Trouble for Free

More Shenanigans + Free Books + 2 Giveaways

Characters Takeover & Offer Free Books

Magical Mayhem + Discounted Books = 1 Wild Ride

Your Free Book + A Fantastic Takeover

Thank you + Your Free Preview

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