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(Reposted by order of the fictional characters who run this site. You know who we are, and you love us. Admit it.)

An interview with author Melinda Kucsera

Originally posted by Seth on 8/04/2017 on the Giveaway Guy’s website.

If the name Melinda Kucsera sounds familiar it might be because I featured one of her books on my blog recently. This time I have a short interview to share, and she’s put a twist on her answers…

In 2014, life set a deadline for author Melinda. Her sister, Carolyn, died at the age of 29. Carol’s last words were a request – she made Melinda promise to publish her stories. At first, the prospect daunted Melinda as she had no idea how to make it a reality.


So she started a blog and put out the first chapter of Curse Breaker: Enchanted. Readers loved it and lobbied her to publish it.

On her late sister’s birthday, Melinda published Curse Breaker: Enchanted in its entirety. In the Author’s Note at the end of the book, she promises to never stop writing or publishing until she has no more stories left to tell.

  1. What inspires you to write?

Melinda is inspired by her cast of wonderful characters. And would you look at that? I happen to be one of those characters. Our faithful scribe couldn’t be reached for this interview because we, her loving characters, locked her in a tower. She’ll be released when she finishes Curse Breaker: Faceted then locked up again until she finishes the sequel. From her tower, she has a 360-degree view of all our shenanigans for ease of chronicling.  Aren’t we the best characters in the world? How many authors have an army surrounding their tower that allows no one entrance? Wait a minutewhat is that dragon doing here? Hey! Don’t you dare abscond with our author!

  1. How long will it take to write our next adventure?

That’s hard to say since our amazing scribe has been kidnapped twice by a competing set of characters. (And once by a dragon, but we’re pretending that didn’t happen despite the social proof that it did.) It took us several months to get her back. When we did, we discovered she had written them a book, and it became the second book in our series. (Curse Breaker 2: Darkens is out now by the way.)  

  1. What is our illustrious scribe working on right now?

Curse Breaker: Faceted which is now the third book in our series. No, I’m not sore about it. Curse Breaker 2: Darkens discloses some past events I dearly wanted to know. Plus it stars our wily commander being chased by monsters. Don’t worry. He had it coming. But Curse Breaker 2: Darkens didn’t star me. Who am I? Well, I am not Melinda, the author of my tales. I’m the son and favorite sidekick of the usual main character of the Curse Breaker series. You’ll have to dip into the pages of Curse Breaker: Enchanted to discover my true identity or sign up to enjoy my weekly out-of-book jaunts. Melinda’s also working on a short story for an anthology coming out this winter, but she refuses to comment on that.

  1. What’s the best writing tip you can offer an aspiring author?

Learn marketing. No really. Before you pen a single page, learn how to market your book. Otherwise, you, or in our case, your characters, will have to learn book marketing on the fly. You have no idea how many webinars and books we’ve read on marketingand we still don’t get it. Our inability to comprehend might stem from our fictional nature. We are characters in a fantasy series after all. Or we might just be figments of our uber creative, though not very business-minded creator. We don’t like to dwell on that too much. We’re not an existential bunch; we’re more magical in nature.  

  1. What’s a book written by another author everyone should read in their lifetime?

As many books as possible on your craft and also in and outside your chosen genre. Many authors confess that they don’t read and that astounded not just us characters, but our author too. Our scribe, Melinda, is an audio book addict, and we’re proud of that. She finishes an audio book every 1-2 days and often, she’ll give them a second listen to learn from that author. Readers always ask her how she writes such immersive stories that resonate. Our answer? Because she reads everything, she can get her hands on. So grab a book and get that reading in anywhere you can.

Curse Breaker: Enchanted is an epic fantasy as it was meant to be. Fans of Anthony Ryan, Julliet Marillier, Michael J. Sullivan, Mercedes Lackey, Margaret Weis, and Tracy Hickman will enjoy Sarn’s struggle against dark forces to save those he loves and find peace for a troubled ghost and himself.

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