Have you seen our book? We might have lost it…

Hi Readers!

Sorry it took us so long to get back to you. We didn’t mean to leave you hanging. Well I didn’t, but I’m just a kid in the most epic fictional story since…eh…never mind that. I’m back now, and I hope you had a great holiday with lots of barbecues and maybe a few dragons. Gotta spread the reptilian love. 😉

When you last saw us, we had acquired a mysterious gem that showered us in luminous words. My uncle had put the education my dad’s financing for him to good use and read some of those words. And that’s where the problem came in. You see those words were the start of Curse Breaker: Enchanted [The More Epic Version]. Behind us, the forest burned in the fire belching from the dragon who was still chasing those other characters. But we were entranced by the sparkling words scrolling across the sky. Or I was until I remembered that my dad doesn’t know there’s a More Epic Book about his exploits. (I am his faithful sidekick. I ask all the important questions like why are we heading toward that mysterious entity?)

Before I could stop my uncle from reading anymore aloud, a giant hand scooped up the words. The gem flew out of my uncle’s hand into the thief’s hand. Then the word thief fled. Up a long twisty road with angry trees on both sides, we made like my nickname and ran. Across a busy street, through a grocery store and finally, up a short slope to the block of ugly brick buildings where our author lives, we chased it. The thief turned mirrored eyes on us then vanished into the open laptop. We stared at our finished book for sale on some electronic bazaar called ‘Amazon.’

Upgrade to The More Epic Version. Preview all the madness here while we battle the book thief. Welcome the silver eyed book thief to our cast of crazy characters. You’ll have to read the full version to see what mayhem she causes.

Bye for now!

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