Black Eyes of an Empty Soul Purging its sunlit, spotless mind


She had such vim, maybe it was the eternal sunshine bleaching her mind. Making it spotless. Maybe all that light adumbrated the black eyes of an empty soul purging its pain.

#madverse #TLpoetry #darklines

Even now the shadows reach for her, offering purity through poison. The delicate trust she placed in the fifty shades of pink belling out behind her like a parachute catching the wind. Would it lift her high enough to escape the unbreakable chains streaking after her?


Would her black heart prevail over the sunniness she’d tried to cultivate? Surely love could not conquer a heart so divided. Beautiful Wrath materialized in her hand. Its razor edge hungered as its jeweled hilt caught the dying rays of the drowning sun. If tears could fill the ocean, why couldn’t the sun banish the looming shadow of her past?

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