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When you last saw us, I held an egg-sized crystal our author (Melinda) had dropped, so its facets caught the glow of Papa’s green eyes showering the forest in words. And you lucky readers, we gave you a copy of the first 12 chapters of Curse Breaker: Enchanted [The More Epic Version]!

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I leaned my head against Papa’s shoulder tired out from running away from a dragon. Content to be held, I imitated a limp rag and trusted Papa to carry me to our next ad-ven-ture. (Hey, I am a little kid. I deserve a little coddling.)

The crystal slipped from my hand, but Uncle Miren caught it and resumed his scrutiny of it. Then he started muttering under his breath about something. Usually, I ignored most of the things falling out of my uncle’s mouth since they were rarely ever complimentary. Something about his tone made me sit up and take note. I strained to catch his words, and when I did, my eyes bulged.

“Unnatural, screamed his magic, but Sarn ignored it.

Nausea tightened his gut. He slipped through a narrowing gap in the crowd and gained a couple of feet toward his goal. More grumbling accompanied him, likely the same warning again.

What did the magic expect him to do? Drop everything to find the unnatural thing upsetting it? Then what? He had no training just an overactive magical gift pressing against his closed eyes, begging for release. Showing it who was the boss, Sarn pushed back on the magic and felt for a way through. But his hands encountered more bodies, and none of them were moving—damn it.

Unnatural, shouted his magic, throwing itself backward and Sarn off balance.

The ground trembled, and nine hundred people panicked. Shouts of “earthquake” motivated the crowd to move. They shoved past jostling Sarn, tripping him in their haste to get out of this tunnel into the falling night.

If it was an earthquake, then he had to go back, he had to save—”

Find out who Sarn had to save and what unnatural thing caused the quake in Curse Breaker: Enchanted [The More Epic Version]. Featuring more magical mayhem, ghostly visitations, monsters behaving badly and a young father who’s just trying to solve a murder no one wants solved, it’s the book you’ve been waiting for.

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