Dragon vs Fictional Characters – Who’ll Survive & Who’ll become Extra Crispy? + A Free Preview

Hi Readers,

When you last saw us, a dragon was about to make hot chocolate out of an army of fictional characters.

I stopped at the top of the trail to see if the dragon had barbecued anyone. A glowing green bubble expanded from a point on the shore. “Papa!” I  ducked and covered my head as a jet of flame washed over Papa’s trademark shield and slid off.

“Take that you overgrown worm!” Uncle Miren shouted from the lake’s shore.

Well, that explained why Papa had gone back.  A shadow fell over me as someone joined me curbside.

“Huh, so he can shield against fire. I wasn’t certain.” Melinda took out her phone and tapped in a note.

“Wait!” I jumped in front of her. All of this—the chase, the dragon, the invasion—had begun for one reason. “You have the More Epic Version of Curse Breaker: Enchanted.”

“You can’t have it. It’s not ready yet.” Melinda faked left and bolted right towards a bend in the forest-shrouded road.

I gave chase until a green sparkle caught my eye. Was Papa okay? He had to be because he was the star of Curse Breaker: Enchanted [The More Epic Version] and the original. Melinda was getting away and she had the story, but Papa…

Being a supporting character is my thing. Besides, saving the world is a huge responsibility. Too big for my shoulders but just right for my Papa’s. So I rushed back to the trail as fast as my little legs could go while fear and hope chased each other in my heart. My foot struck something and I tripped, but strong arms caught me.

“Are you okay?” I wrinkled my nose at the stink of singed hair.

Papa hugged me and I knew he was okay. “Did you find what you were looking for?”

Shaking my head, I returned the embrace. “I let her go.”

“Hang on, what’s this?” Uncle Miren held up a crystal. “There’s words in it.”

“Let me see. I won’t drop it.”

“Fine.” Uncle Miren handed it over.

I held the egg-sized crystal so its facets caught the glow of Papa’s green eyes and showered the forest in words. It wasn’t the whole book, but by some miracle, we had pried the first twelve chapters of Curse Breaker: Enchanted [The More Epic Version] from our elusive author. I shared a smile with my co-conspirators.

And somewhere overhead a dragon roared.

Tune in next week as we figure out how to get the preview out of a crystal. Hey, we’re readers too and we don’t have e-readers. So we’re stuck pulling words out of a stone. But you don’t have to wait. Get your copy HERE.

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