How A Dragon Foiled My Dastardly Plan

Hi Readers!

It’s your favorite fictional character—Ran. Papa’s here too. He’s keeping watch. We don’t want the author to catch us sneaking an email off to you. Oh, and he says hello.

If you haven’t met my Papa yet, you will. He’s the main character in Curse Breaker: Enchanted [The More Epic Version]. A lot of people like the less epic version. I can’t hate on it since I’m the best supporting character in it. Papa agrees, so you know it’s true.  But the more epic version is well, more epic.

Anyway, we’re working on getting the more epic version out, (our version of choice). We would have succeeded had the other fictional characters gone with my plan. I want this on record. This delay is their fault. What happened?

Picture a dank tunnel filled with a hundred characters. Add a purple spark bouncing off their noggins and two hundred hands reaching for it. Someone, who shall remain nameless, captured the spark and stretched it into a doorway starting a stampede.

Now imagine a six hundred square foot box and a petite brunette hunched over a laptop. she is our author, Melinda and she did what any sane human being would do. She fled and the fools chased her!

Melinda cut across a busy street and darted into a park. Cars swerved and skidded to avoid the ragged army of characters following her. A few bystanders fainted and much honking, screaming, and cursing ensued.

While those characters wandered around aimlessly in a park only half a mile wide, Papa and I went our own way. His ability to find objects and people led us right to Melinda. So there we were crouched behind a fallen log and what did we see?

Melinda standing on the shore of a tiny lake talking to a dragon! And what did the dragon have the gall to ask? For her own story! Can you believe it?

We can’t and we witnessed it. Melinda even posted a picture of the dragon.

Well, we’re not going to take this lying down. Papa and I are hatching a new plan. We’d tell you, but Melinda was a little too prepared for our invasion. I mean, who sits around in sneakers with a bugout bag close to hand? Which one of you warned her?

Join us next week as execute our plan without the cast of hundreds and hopefully succeed. Bye for now and please don’t tell our author. But feel free to tell your friends and share this all over the magical internet!

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