More Epic Means More Magical Action, we think

Hi all!

It’s your favorite lovable character, Ran. Before we embark on our next ad-ven-ture, I need a blurb.

Why do I need this? I’d tell you but this is a public place and the author might see it. We don’t want that to happen because then she’ll know what we’re plotting. And yes, we’re plotting what you think we’re plotting. 😉 Look out Amazon, cause we’re taking over. But first, we need a blurb. So I surveyed all the characters in the ‘More Epic Version’, ignored half of what they said and came up with this:

More epic than the original! Featuring more magical mayhem, ghostly visitations, monsters behaving badly and Sarn, who’s just trying to solve a murder no one wants solved.

Meet Sarn, an untrained mage with unruly magic. He’s the last hope of a ghost child, but his life is not his own. Indentured to a greater lord, Sarn is caught between obeying his master and doing what is right.

In a world where enchanted trees keep secrets and subterranean living is all the rage, he’s the only one who stands a chance. Supported by a tight-knit cadre of Rangers who will get in his way at every turn and a young son who craves a little ad-ven-ture, Sarn will need more than magic to help the ghost.

And he’s running out of time. The boy’s murder set something terrible into motion unleashing monsters and turning peaceful forestry into warring trees. Can Sarn foil the murderer’s ultimate plan before it’s too late? ]

So what do you think? Have I, a fictional character, written a stellar blurb or what? And wham, here’s the *final cover:


*The author is not allowed to change this file anymore unless she can’t buy a commercial license for the fonts used. We are locking her out of photoshop until launch.

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