How to Spellbind a Dragon

Hi Readers!

When we last saw our author, Melinda was talking to a dragon. Papa and I (Ran) were crouched behind a fallen tree, and I was about to reveal our secret weapon—Birgitte, the Mistress of Dragons. I tossed her calling card into the air, and it flashed into a portal. I pointed at the dragon and our author deep in negotiations about a future book.

“I’ve got just what you need. It will change the future of publishing. Use it wisely.” Birgitte tossed a bundle through the portal then vanished.

I picked up the Book-to-Bar gift set and handed it to Papa. His magic liberated its contents, and we were ready to take back our author. Brandishing a Sacred Cookbook, Papa bearded the dragon in her—ah—river and mesmerized her with the power of healthy food.

(There might have been a sky beam involved. Melinda attracts them, and they look damned impressive in real life.)

I held up the dark chocolate bars that came with the gift set. What dragon could resist three beautifully wrapped bars of artisan heirloom chocolate?

(I might have sampled them to ensure maximum deliciousness. Don’t tell Papa or the dragon.)

Uncle Miren showed up just in time to repent for stealing and poorly executing my plan last week. While he read 60 delicious recipes from 32 world cultures that include no human body parts, Papa grabbed our author, and we absconded with her.

Everything went fine until Uncle Miren read a recipe aloud for something called ‘Mayan hot chocolate.’ Those three tantalizing words slammed me to a halt.

I should get Papa one of those Sacred Cookbooks. I could horde (enjoy) the dark chocolate bars that come with it and Papa could graduate from stealing and reheating to actual cooking. And no, the ‘More Epic Version’ doesn’t level up his kitchen skills. But hey, more magical mayhem!

While all of that ran through my head, a horde of characters last seen terrorizing a small town in Westchester County, NY streamed out of the forest and surrounded me.

Ancient healing recipes for the win!” I pointed at my uncle, who was still reading to a rapt dragon.

“And you’re paying it forward by donating 11% to a small nonprofit that preserves the ancient ways of Itzà Maya people,” Uncle Miren interjected, breaking the dragon’s trance.

Water streamed off the dragon’s pinkish flanks, and smoke curled out of her mouth as she broke the tense moment. “They sound delicious.”

At this point, I made like my nickname and ran to where Papa waited for me. Find out next week who survived an encounter with the dragon and who was baked using an ancient healing recipe.

If you’re looking for a gift to ignite your taste buds, you might consider the only gift to ever spellbind a dragon: the Book-to-Bar gift set.


  1. Never beard a dragon in her lair. Dragons are BBQ pros, and they keep a bottle of their secret sauce handy for visitors.
  2. Never imitate the actions of a fictional character. We regenerate between books and barbecued hands make reading difficult. So please be careful!
  3. If you see a sky beam, you should run away. Seriously.
  4. Use the Book-to-Bar gift set wisely. Live long and prosper while you’re at it.

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