We stormed a citadel and fought the King of Amazon for you! Reap the Rewards!

Hi Readers!

While you were away, we stormed Amazon’s citadel. Swords clashed, and spells slung around that vast digital repository until the King of Amazon himself marched out to meet us.  Tension ran high as his bodyguards parted. I, of course, watched all this from my dad’s shoulders while encased in a sparkling shield. The king nodded to his majordomo.

“State the reason for your violent visit.”

“We want our book to be on sale now,” I said before Uncle Miren could say anything. Then I froze as my dad pulled me down to eye level and held me there.

What book?”

Like my dad, I can only speak the truth, so I just pointed at Uncle Miren. Lying was his specialty. I went with mine, contriving to look as innocent as a newborn lamb, which I was.

Uncle Miren shot me a look, and I put my pleading face on. He sighed. “It’s for a school project.”

My dad nodded. Since he’d indentured himself so my uncle could get an education, it was a reason he could buy into. Though he did give me the side-eye indicating he knew there was more to this. I gave him my most innocent look. He didn’t buy it. Papa knows me too well.

“Does the book have a name?” The majordomo raised a graying eyebrow at us, but she looked on the verge of laughter.

Curse Breaker: Enchanted [The More Epic Version],” said my Uncle.

I glanced at my dad but so far so good, no recognition. You see, the whole time we’ve been chasing the Curse Breaker: Enchanted [The More Epic Version], I’d never told Papa what the book was about. Since there’s been a lot of curse breakers throughout history, he didn’t realize it was about him.

If he ever did find out, he’d ground me for life, so don’t tell him! These books are the only way I can find out about my early years. Somehow, our author, Melinda, is able to read the past and get inside my dad’s head. Reading his exploits gives me insight I wouldn’t otherwise have. Unlike my uncle and I, he’s an introvert who thinks more than he speaks. So these books are very important to me and hopefully, entertaining to you.

“Will you put it on sale? Right now it’s in some kind of pre-sale limbo.” I turned my most pleading look on the King, and he was so moved by my plea, he snapped his fingers.

Servers whirred to life. 1s and 0s flashed past in long chains of unintelligible data. Then a brilliant device rose. On its screen was my dad’s face and his glowing eyes, which I had covered instant I realized what was happening. I let go when a new book cover popped up to replace it—Animal Graph, an Amazonian Eco-Fic Dystopian thrill ride. I added it to the list of books I would ask Uncle Miren to read to me. It had me at the blue-skinned beauty with a painted face. She looked determined to get into trouble. And trouble, as you well know, is my middle name.

Papa laughed and tried to remove my blindfolding hand. I let him once the device had floated off to add The More Epic Version to the great digital repository in the Amazon citadel.

And that, dear Reader, is how I negotiated our book’s early release. That’s right, we’re on sale. Go grab your copy of the Most Epic Tale ever told.

To celebrate the launch of the More Epic Version, we’re giving away 1 signed paperback for every 100 entries!  So tell everyone you know to enter. The more entries we receive, the more books we’ll giveaway. There’s no limit. But no dragons are allowed to participate. We don’t mean to discriminate against bat-winged, author-stealing reptiles—well, maybe we do. She did kidnap our author after all.

~ ~ ~
Special thanks to M. Black for joining us in our book launch festivities! Check out Black’s Animal Graph, a socially relevant, dark and sexy book with themes that hang on environmental concerns and animal welfare…ENTER TOMORROW with Animal Graph.  And don’t forget our contest!


Until next time happy reading and good luck. We’ll be back with an all new adventure next week. Hope to see you there!

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