We’re Muscling on Some Romantic Action

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And it’s all his–her?–its fault. Who is he/she/it? The lovelorn, misunderstand mystery masquerading around as Sarn’s best friend that’s who. Everyone’s favorite enigma decided to muscle in on some romantic ebooks. We can’t understand the decision.

(If you read Curse Breaker: Enchanted, you know very few of Shade’s decisions make logical sense to strangers. What you haven’t had the pleasure yet? That’s okay. You can download the first 12 chapters absolutely free here. We don’t spam but we do invade giveaways whenever we can.)

Anyway, the Curse Breaker Saga is epic fantasy. It’s often mysterious, always magical but romance is not really our thing. We’re a little busy doing this called surviving. Bad people like to mess with us and we have to untangle all things they put wrong so we can not die in a flash of brilliance and heat. (Spoiler alert! You’ll have to find out in Faceted about the killer light show. Sign up now to ensure you receive your FREE preview of Faceted. It’s coming soon and it will rock Amazon’s world when it hits. You don’t want to miss a thing. We take epic to a new level.)

Back to Shade’s unfortunate decision. You see what we’re up against? (see hyperlinked screenshot below.) Help us shine in this hunk fest. None of these muscle-bound brutes have eyes of spinning emerald flame, nor should they since Sarn is unique. So support him with a download! Hurry before the lady with the blade tries to stick him with it! Uh-oh, things are about to get ugly! The magic’s starting to fly. Time for us to duck behind ye old magical shield.

Without further ado, we bring you:

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