Will you be there when it counts?

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I hope you had a happy Valentine’s day.

First, I must apologize. I can’t tell you my name without spoiling the plot of Curse Breaker: Enchanted. I am a character in the book and for now, my identity must remain a mystery.

(And about this interview thing, please don’t vote for me. Anything I say will spoil the plot of Enchanted and the forthcoming Faceted. You’ll receive a link to download a preview soon. Wondering what this interview thing is? Read all about the madness HERE. Our author [Melinda] compiled a hyperlinked list of all the ploys other characters have engaged in to win your vote. Some are pretty humorous.)

Now back to my reason for writing you. I love him–Sarn, the main character from Curse Breaker: Enchanted. I have loved him for years and years, but external forces divide us and deafen him to my apologies.

I don’t regret what I did. How can I when everything I did was for him? It all went wrong though and people died.

He deserves better than me. Losing his friendship cut my heart into pieces. But I didn’t go through all the trouble of crossing dimensions just to complain about my situation.

I came to warn him. Events are unfolding. Old foes are prowling. Ancient powers are stirring, searching for a way into our world. And there the Seekers of Truth are at Mount Eredren right now. They’re all targeting my beloved, my emerald-eyed Angel.

I can’t help him. All I can do is watch with a heart torn apart by dread. Will you stand with him?

Will you be there when it counts?