Characters Review their Author

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Hi Readers!

Ran paused fingers poised over the keyboard. A purple glow lit his young face emanating from a portal floating in front of him. It framed a slice of another reality where a thirtyish woman stared at a sheet of paper willing it to disgorge its secrets.

“What’s she doing?” When his uncle did not supply an immediate response, Ran tapped his shoulder.  “What’s she doing?” She happened to be Melinda, the elusive author of their storied lives.

“Author stuff?” Miren volunteered without giving the floating portal a glance.

Ran rolled his eyes at his uncle’s deflection then cast them towards the mattress where his father slept. “What’s her paper say?”

Miren huffed but he set his pen aside and gave the tear in reality a look. “It’s a self-appraisal form for her day job.” At Ran’s blank look, Miren elaborated. “You know for her day job. They want to know how she thinks she did this year.”

“But it’s blank.”

“Yeah it’s waiting for her to write something on it.” Miren lifted his pen and resumed scribbling in a leather-bound book.

Ran glanced at his Papa again but Sarn was still sleeping. Green light trickled out of his closed eyes but the magic stayed close to Papa. Maybe it was tired too.

“We should review her–our author,” Ran said, liking the idea. He pointed to the portal. “What does the appraisal sheet say?”

Miren gave him an odd look then shrugged. “Why not? Okay here’s the first one. List your significant accomplishments or contributions since your last review.”

Ran tapped his chin and thought for a moment. “She–Melinda–published her–our–first book but it wasn’t epic enough. So, she started a rewrite which she should be finishing instead of filling in a stupid form.”

“Wow, tell us how you really feel.”

Ran smiled and made grand gestures as he spoke. “I want more magic, more action and–” He stopped mid-sentence as green light washed over the room. “More ad-ven-tures with Papa in a shorter book.” Ran shot his uncle a triumphant look. “No uncles allowed.”

“Why you little scoundrel!” Miren pushed up from his chair and reached over piles of books.

Ran slid down a table leg, laughing at his uncle and threw himself at the source of all magic in his life. For his part, Papa sat up and caught him in a bear hug. Uncle Miren subsided back to his studies after one last glower.

“What did I miss?” Sarn asked around a yawn.

“I reviewed our author and Uncle Miren didn’t like it.”

“You did what?

Ran nodded. “And I know what she should do next year too–finish the more epic version of Curse Breaker: Enchantednow!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s edition. Maybe next week the author will make it to the keyboard. Or maybe we, her characters, will takeover again. We have seven days to plan another coup and our author is supposed to be making our story more epic. She should leave the newsletter in our capable hands, don’t you agree?

Oggle the cover the of the forthcoming more epic version of Curse Breaker: Enchanted here.

Bye for now!