Heroines Chase Trees

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Thank you so much for your support, birthday wishes and condolences. Thank you.  I am so grateful for your kind words.
Unfortunately, my characters can’t come to my web editor today. A blizzard dropped 18″-24″ inches on my tiny apartment on Tuesday. I located my car under all that white stuff and escaped to my office this morning, leaving a horde of characters in the snow. I’m sure my elderly neighbors are getting an eyeful. When I left, a diseased tree was chasing a certain green green eyed character across the ice crusted snow.
While snowed in, I worked on the more epic version of Curse Breaker: Enchanted. I hope you enjoyed a look at the first chapter. I’m still refining it and pulling the Adversary into foreground. He’s not happy about this, but it makes for a more exciting read. So he’ll have to live with it.
I won’t take up too much more of your time. Oh dear, my boss is calling. Time to flip screens. Anyway, you can check out the new cover for Curse Breaker: Enchanted (the more epic version) and see what I’ve been up to here.
I just wanted to check in, thank you and let you know about a boxed set an author friend of mine is part of: Daughters of Destiny. I wish it was available as an audio book. 😦 It sounds like ten fun reads. Here’s the details:
Daughters-of-Destiny-Box-Set copy

Daughters of Destiny: Ten full-length novels, ten heroines at the right hand of destiny…

Whether you’re slaying vampires or holding your own alongside superheroes, one of the best things about heroines is that they show us how strong, cunning, and magical they can be. Pick up a copy for $0.99 from any of these fine retailers: Amazon iBooks B&N Kobo

Have a great week!