Still playing Tag

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Yesterday NY got creamed by a blizzard. So I spent my day shoveling and there’s still more to shovel. I also loaded up the more epic version of   Curse Breaker: Enchanted into a voice reader app and gave it a listen. I kept in mind our discussion about tag lines and the disjointed synopsis I took a stab at in yesterday‘s post. Know what happened?

I heard spots where I could reinforce the tagline with the story and also, parts I could slant a little differently to make it more epic and to support the synopsis. Sitting down to write up a summary of the book got me thinking about what exactly is at the story’s heart and what the major story threads are. So I’m grateful we’re taking this journey together. You are helping me a lot by forcing me to think globally. It’s so easy to get caught up in the details and lose the wider perspective. So I’m going to keep plugging on that–let’s call it a refinement–after I go throw some snow around.

As for taglines, I love Mandy’s suggestion about shortening it to “when magic turns to murder…” But it sounds like an incomplete thought. Taglines, at least the ones I’ve seen, are usually compete sentences. So I’ve been thinking about this:

When magic turns to murder, who will speak for the dead?

That’s what Sarn wrestles with. It doesn’t help that the ghost haunting him is mute.

Ok I’m off to shovel snow. I leave you to ponder whether that works as a tagline. I agree yesterday’s version reminded me of the ghostbusters.

Have a good one.