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Hi Reader,

[Five minutes earlier…

A thousand-foot-tall tree appeared in the middle of central park. She burned silver blinding the park-goers. Stunned, they all stopped and stared. Light so pure it made tears spring to their eyes flooded them, erasing fear and replacing it with wonder. She processed, propelled by a skirt of roots so fine, they resembled lace, to a teenage girl sitting on the grass. The girl stared at her.

The Queen of All Trees extended a branch and touched her shoulder. Open a fresh document and transcribe my words, child. I have things to say and a missing scribe to find. 

Nodding, the overawed girl typed this message, direct from the Queen to you.]

So, greetings dear Reader,

You have been in my thoughts. I thank you for untangling the riddle which so stumped me. I’m sorry Ran can’t come to the newsletter right now. He’s busy invading giveaways (see them all here), giving away free books (see them all here) and distributing Curse Breaker: Enchanted to every eBook seller on your world wide web. If you’re tired of side-loading it, go grab it for free for your favorite device. All the bookstore links are here.

So it falls to me to find our missing scribe. I play a large and important role in Facetedso getting our scribe and her manuscript back are my top priorities. Which brings me to my reason for hijacking this week’s newsletter.

Here is the solved riddle from last week:

Where Fire burns, Songs resound.
Where Sand and Storm vie,
stands a place out of time.
There a secret worlds
away from Shayari is stowed.

Thank you to Jennifer, Marsha, Tara, Krissy, Tabitha, Sherrill, Melynda, Jodi, Kim, Stella, Nadia, Shay, Joy, Larry, Bonnie, Jane, Denise, Michael, Thomas, Anne, Marie, Augusto, Emily, Marcello, Rajani, Bobbi, William, LJ, John and Hunterland. Your help has been invaluable.

There was much speculation on our Facebook page about the meaning of this riddle, but the meaning still eludes me.

[A paper glides across the lawn, dancing with the shadows thrown by the Queen of All Trees’ branches. She spears it with a root and raises the paper so the girl sitting crosslegged on the grass, tapping out this eNewsletter can read it:

‘Neath the  D_m_n  Shr_ _d, a  R_b_l’s  H_n_r  rests.
Watch the star  _l_ _sm_r_ , follow it to the Gr_ _n  St_n_ .
There you’ll find F_nt_s_  and  M_g_c   b_ _ks .

The Queen of All Trees sent her power coursing into Central Park, past the passersby frozen in awe of her. But her light could not cross the paved paths surrounding the park. A gray sedan rolled by, and a shadowed man tipped his hat. Was he the one who had kidnapped her scribe?] 

Help the Queen of All Trees solve the riddle. Send your answers to: or drop by our group or our Facebook page. The Queen of All Trees is standing by. Direct her to her quarry!  Help her get her scribe back.

Here are the clues:

Capture1 One thousand years ago, an apocalypse cracked the foundations of the world. From the ruins, came the Vadryn, and the promise of a suffering beyond death.

The eyes of a demon are on you. Buy The Demon Shroud and start a dark adventure today.

Capture2  An oppressive family of tyrants. A warrior princess set to destroy them all. Rebel’s Honor mixes fantasy, post-apocalyptic science fiction, and a dash of steampunk to create an adventure in a world where anything is possible.
Capture3 Eliesmore can’t escape his destiny. Can he trust the immortals – or are they the reason the Changers have come to power? Find out in Eliesmore & The Green Stone.

unnamed (1)


I can’t list all the giveaways and free book giveaways Ran has entered. But you can find them here and here.

Have you decoded the message?

‘Neath the  D_m_n  Shr_ _d, a  R_b_l’s  H_n_r  rests.
Watch the star  _l_ _sm_r_ , follow it to the Gr_ _n  St_n_ .
There you’ll find F_nt_s_  and  M_g_c   b_ _ks .

Send your answers to or drop by
our group or our Facebook page. The Queen of All Trees needs your help.

Until next time, dear reader

Stay tuned for more magic, mayhem and epic adventures as I quest to save our scribe. I’ll reveal the answer next week and let you know if I succeeded in finding my author.

–in love and books,

The Queen of All Trees

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