Characters Crash Cyber Convention (Don’t tell our Author)

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Hi Readers!

Sorry for the delay. We, the characters, are still hunting down our author, a shy lady named Melinda.  Before we dive back into the search, here’s a recap.

And now back to the hunt:

A luminous purple butterfly fluttered past Ran. “What are you?”

Of course, the butterfly didn’t answer. He wiped tears from his eyes and extended a finger toward the lovely creature. As it alighted, tiny feet tickled Ran’s finger connecting him to hundreds of other characters.

Images flashed across his mind’s eye and he heard a woman’s voice reading his story. She wasn’t Melinda, his author, but she was reading his story aloud. So Ran curled up with Bear and listened. And so what if he rooted for himself?

A purple gleam invaded Bear’s button eyes as Bear reached across time and space to the Brain to Books Cyber Convention. He tapped Melinda on her shoulder and when she turned, he wrapped a fuzzy arm around her waist. They vanished from the convention hall leaving thousands of confused convention-goers to question their sanity. Had they just seen a giant teddy bear abduct a petite brunette?

Without further ado, we bring you Ran’s favorite scene read by Karina Kantas.

Until next time, have a great week!

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