Prepare to Be Faceted.

Hi Readers!

Last week, we found a message from a mysterious person called ‘The Editor’:

[I found your book. When VAMPIRES  and DARK Gods Rise, meet me in the COURT OF
THORNS  and  ROSES. I’ll be with the  URBAN  MYSTICS. You shall know me by my cloak and the blue book under my arm. 

In love and words, 

— The Editor]


We forgot to show you what was on the back of that message:


Thank you to all who wrote in to help us unscramble that message. We really appreciate your help. We could never have gotten this far in our search without you.

Are you excited?

We’ve almost found our book. Now we just need to find that ‘Court of Thorns and Roses’ and be there on the day ‘Vampires and Dark Gods Rise.’

“Um, Papa?” I (Ran) tugged on Papa’s pant leg.


“When do the vampires and dark gods rise?”

Papa just shook his head. His green gaze played over the stone chamber seeking answers and finding none. Light knifed into the room via a slit window. Papa crossed to it and looked out. I followed.

“What do you see?” I hopped up and down but couldn’t see anything.

“Possibilities.” Papa lifted me up and set me on a deep sill. I leaned into him and looked out at the setting sun painting the sky in oranges and pinks. Far off in the distance, a silhouetted balloon carried our scribe away, but we’d get her back.

I leaned into him and looked out at the setting sun painting the sky in oranges and pinks. Far off in the distance, a silhouetted balloon carried our scribe toward the purpling mountains, but we’d get her back, someday.

Uncle Miren rushed into view waving something. He was toy-sized from our vantage, and I giggled at the sight. “Look what I found.”

“What is it?”

“Come and see. It’s part of a book.”

“What book?” Papa asked.

I might have forgotten to tell him exactly what we were looking for. So I wriggled out of his grasp and rushed across the chamber to the stairs. After a moment’s pause, I dashed down them and out the creaky door to my uncle.

Click here to see what he found. We hope you enjoy an extended peek at Curse Breaker: Faceted. It will be in stores when vampires and dark gods rise–at least we think that’s the editor’s plan. We only have a cryptic note to go on.





Until next time, dear reader

Stay tuned as we journey to find this mysterious ‘Editor’ person. The search for Curse Breaker: Faceted is heating up. We’re so close now. We hope you’re as excited as we are.

Ran, son of Sarn, “Prince of Previews”

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