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Hi Readers,

After we freed our book from the King of Amazon’s clutches, we left his throne room triumphant in our victory and ran into a problem. A forebidding creature in flowing robes guarded the gates. It threw back its scaly arms and shouted.

“You shall not pass.”

Ran elbowed me. No doubt my son wanted some kind of magical display to scare off the thing. I sighed and reached for the magic inside me, but it didn’t come. My son stared at me, his mouth agape. Before I could ask what was the matter, my brother spoke up.

“Um Sarn, why aren’t your eyes glowing?”

I could still feel the magic thrashing around deep inside me but there was an invisible barrier preventing me from accessing it. That had never happened before.

“Because my magic’s blocked.”

“Why? How?” Ran asked.

The creature smiled. “You need more stars boy.”

So here we are, metaphorical hat in hand, to ask if you would give us a star. You’ve read the preview of our More Epic Version. You’ve read our newsletters (read back issues here) and followed our journey to get our story as epic as possible for its publication. You’ve met our shy author who’s still grieving from the loss of her sister. (She’s working like a mad woman to get the explosive sequel, Curse Breaker 2: Faceted, out by her late sister’s birthday and we fully endorse that endeavor which is why we are announcing it. More pressure!)

We might be fictional characters but we appreciate any and all feedback we receive. Reviews also help readers like you decide to buy our book. (Since we exist only when someone’s reading our stories, reviews are very important to us.) So, if you’re enjoying the magical mayhem we inject into your inbox each week, please consider getting a copy of The More Epic Version and letting everyone know by leaving a review at the following link: http://bit.ly/ReviewMoreEpicV. And of course, tell everyone you meet about us.

Also, don’t forget about our contest! We’re cooking up something to give everyone who enters. Okay, well our author is. She found out about the contest when we charged copies of the paperback version to her credit card. Luckily her mortgage payment didn’t bounce or we’d really be in trouble.

And if you’ve got a minute, let the world know you loved (or loathed) us. We’re really hoping for the former. The world needs more love (and more magical mayhem). Please give us a star or five!

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