He Went on His Own Adventure. How Rude!

Hi Readers!

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When you last saw us, we were wandering around in Amazon land.  (We’re still here by the way.)  While we were gone, Jerlo, yes that Jerlo, the commander of the Rangers at Mount Eredren, went off and had his own adventure. And he kidnapped our author so she could faithfully scribe is exploits. He had such fun, it went from a short story to a full-on novella. Not fair!

Jerlo’s solo adventure (novella) is called Curse Breaker: Darkens. My dad and many other characters you love have frequent cameos in the story, but you’re seeing them through Jerlo’s point of view. We can’t wait to see what that reveals about our squirrely commander. Yes, Curse Breaker: Darkens is the book we’re giving away to everyone who enters our first ever character run contest!

So if you haven’t picked up a copy of Curse Breaker: Enchanted [The More Epic Version], now’s your chance! The King of Amazon put our book on sale today to celebrate this thing called ‘Prime Day.’

We have no idea what this ‘Prime Day’ is, but it sounds like something we should keep our author away from. She’s hard at work on Curse Breaker: Faceted and its sequel, Ride the Darkness. We don’t want anything to interfere with their fall release dates. We have a heavenly mandate to make them, and we don’t mess with that.

But this our first ever character-run sale and we’re really excited about it. We’re running all over Amazon Land shouting our sale to shoppers especially since we just found out about it five minutes ago. We’re not kidding. A little notice would have been nice, but kings are kings, and they seldom think of the little folk when they make their decrees.

And because we’re in such a celebratory mood, here’s a look at the cover for Curse Breaker: Darkens, which is in the editor’s hands right now. We hope he’s covering Jerlo’s solo adventure with lots of red ink. What? The commander deserves it for running out on us. As soon as we get it back, we’ll go toe to toe with the King of Amazon again to get it out to you.

Without further ado, we bring you the cover:


What was Jerlo up to while we were away? He’s not saying, but we’ll pump him for details as soon as we catch him. That commander’s a real slippery one. He shows up when least expected but can’t be found when there are questions that need answering. Very mysterious, eh? It’s almost like he has something to hide—some secret he doesn’t want us to know about. Worry not, we’re on the case!

So expect a chase next week and hopefully, an overdue interrogation lead by yours truly, Ran, son of Sarn. Who did you think is authoring this email? Not our author. We don’t let her near our newsletter. We can’t since it’s the first-ever character-run newsletter of its kind.

And yes, when I said ‘we’ I was speaking for my fellow characters, and no, they have no idea I’m putting words in their mouths. (Let’s keep it that way, okay?) Uncle Miren’s not the only scribe in the family.

This week we’d like to thank Angela Ford and her characters who are also running around Amazon Land shouting about our sale  (by the way, we’re a free read through Kindle Unlimited):

  • Angela Ford, author of The Five Warriors.
    • Each warrior has their own reason for joining the quest to stop the transformed creatures wreaking havoc on their world, but one carries a deadly secret which might destroy them all. Check out The Five Warriors to find out who and their secret is.

Her book is on sale for 0.99 and so is ours! Don’t miss out their heroic endeavors and don’t forget to check out our sale and enter our contest!

Thank you so much for spending a few minutes a week with us—I mean me. And should you encounter my Uncle—let him know I only ever said good things about him. Promise.

~Ran, son of Sarn, finder of food and faithful sidekick

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