Curse Breaker: Darkens

Final cover spread! Now to design the interior then we’re off to the press!
(Curse Breaker: Darkens takes place 2 weeks after Curse Breaker: Enchanted which is on sale thru 7/17 for $1 @ )

What’s CB:D About —

In a land where magic is their only hope, can a man of faith triumph?

A body and a book are unaccounted for. Both belonged to a vanquished demon, but neither were found when the dust cleared. The question of what happened to them prods Jerlo to seek out the one person he swore he’d never speak to—a man everyone thinks is long dead. Jerlo’s relentless quest leads to the oubliette and a psycho’s cell where shadows of his past take him captive. Can Jerlo outwit the dark force rising in his home without magic or will he too fall under its sway?

Find out on August 1. Available as a paperback and an ebook.


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