Everyone loves a winner!

So do we! Hi all!

This is Ran, son of Sarn, writing on behalf of my fellow characters and our lovely—ahem—imprisoned scribe. We—okay—I might have locked her in her apartment (no ivory towers were available on short notice) with no internet access or phone service so she can work on Curse Breaker: Faceted which is now the sequel to Curse Breaker: Darkens.

But I’m not here to talk about CB:D. I’m here to announce the winners of our first ever character-run contest! Huzzah to the winners:

Mary Potter
Rebecca Andreasen
Wayne Hall
Terry Easom
Kelly McDaniel
Monica Ledford

If you happen to see a bunch of suspicious looking characters in your local post office this week, it’s likely us. We’ll be mailing out your prize as soon as we receive your postal information.

The Prize package:


Plus a personal note from me, a bookmark and a digital copy of:


We hope you enjoyed our first ever contest. Thank you, thank you to everyone who entered. We enjoyed it so much, we’re trying to come up with another contest! Got any ideas for it?

We’d ask our faithful scribe for input, but she needs to keep writing. So, we’re open to suggestions. You can contact us at melinda@melinda-kucsera.com (Sometimes we let our author reply, but most of the time you’ll get us—I mean me, Ran, son of Sarn, but you knew that already.)

I have to get back to chasing Jerlo down. I still want details about his solo adventure, and that slippery commander still refuses to talk. He’s as wily as a ferret, but—there he is!

I’ve got you now.  I charged after a shadow rounding a tower of Kindle books.  The short man wore a Rangers’ uniform. He had to be Jerlo.

I tripped over something and landed flat on my face. Pushing up to hands and knees, I wished my eyes would glow like my dad’s, but they didn’t. They only glowed when I was magicking, and my magic didn’t work in Amazon Land. Neither did lumir though I shook the white globe anyway. It refused to shine.

But there was light far, far above. It was cold and distant leaving much of Amazon Land in shadow. Only the top 100 books out of the millions welling up from the digital ground glowed. The more I squinted at them, the brighter their fire became.  Their hungry orange tongues caressed the ghostly forms of shoppers flitting by, so high over head. Their touch inflamed them with the need to buy them.

I too heard their siren call and felt for my money pouch. Then I gave my head a shake. I was here on a mission. With effort, I turned my gaze away from the height I longed to reach.

Where was Jerlo? I’d lost track of him. How did he enter Amazon land? Only I had the key. Had my scribe reneged on our deal?

Find out next week. I hope you enjoyed our adventure this week. And yes, as you already surmised, the ‘Ran’ chronicling these out-of-book adventures is not the little boy in the story. He grew up and now he—I—want answers.

This week, we’d like to thank Dayne Edmondson, the author of Blood and Shadows for being part of our launch festivities.

Twenty years ago, assassins turned an innocent girl into a monster. Watch her step from the shadows that destroyed most of her humanity in Blood and Shadows

Until next time. Thank you for reading!

Ran, son of Sarn, the driving force behind the Curse Breaker books


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