Don’t Keep A Good Story Down

Hello Readers!

It’s been awhile since I jumped into the ongoing conversation (story?). This is Melinda, the author of the Curse Breaker Saga, and I’m here to thank you for your support, your time and most of all, for reading my stories. Thank you.

I created Sarn’s world (though not Sarn himself) when I was very young—well before I started school. And I’ve carried it with me since then. The characters in those tales were my dearest friends and writing about them filled the lonely hours after school. As I grew, those stories grew. They incorporated elements from Star Wars, Robin Hood and King Arthur and the Knights of the Roundtable. I told those tales to my siblings and the children I babysat.

At night, I’d sit and write them all out. And I was happily writing those stories until early in 2014 when my world changed forever. For three decades, I had a sister. Then one frigid Saturday in February, I didn’t. She was gone, but her last words remained branded on my heart.

She asked me to publish all the stories she had grown up loving. She wanted you to read them. I hope you have.

It took me three years to make good on her final request because I wrote the series backward. There was no first book to publish. I kept dreaming I was chasing the beginning of the story. My Characters popped in and out of these sequences urging me to keep looking. Every story has a beginning. So did theirs.

But everything I wrote wasn’t the beginning. It was another link in an epic chain of stories. So I kept chasing the beginning, and I found it in the enchanted forest. By then, it was three months until my late sister’s birthday.

I gave up sleeping. I squeezed in time at the office to work on it, but I got it done. I published the original version of Curse Breaker: Enchanted on 9/27/2016. But I wasn’t happy with it, and as I started interacting with readers that dissatisfaction grew. The story wasn’t right. It didn’t accurately reflect the rest of the series. But I didn’t know what to do.

So I took my mother’s advice and slept on it. That night, I dreamed I was surrounded by the cast of the Curse Breaker Saga. They begged me to go back to fix their story. And I did. The More Epic Version is the book my sister wanted you to read. It’s the kind of fast-paced, magic-laced thrill ride she grew up loving. And the sequel will blow it away.

I hope you love it too.

And I’d like to extend a special thank you to Patricia Rose for being part of my launch festivities! Check out here book Iron Mike: A boy. A dog. The end of the world. When the black ships drop from the clouds, billions die. The weapons are silent, the effects, lethal. Nations fall. Humanity crumbles. Their mission is simple: seed the earth. Feed their creatures. Harvest the crops.

The war is over before it begins. Or is it?

Find out in Iron Mike: A boy. A dog. The end of the world.

~ ~ ~

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